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Week in Geek: June 18th, 2014

Posted by Jeff Penner Thursday, June 19, 2014
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Nerdy current events in geek culture for this week


X-Men: Apocalypse Set in 1983.

My take: Makes perfect sense to me, considering the last two films were a decade apart. However, what the hell is going on with the X-franchise? Seriously, who am I following? Modern day? The originals? I just don't know what they're up to. Do they have a plan? Please someone tell me.

Solo Hulk Movie In Consideration.

My take: The Hulk was the breakout star of The Avengers and good for Whedon to pull it off! However, if the movie will be about Banner/Hulk running from a government trying to destroy or capture him, dear god do not make that movie. I am so sick and tired of that angle. Show Banner at least using the Hulk for good, as a weapon, point and shoot.

Jason Mamoa Possibly Aquaman?

My take: Sure, why not? Aquaman works best when he's a fish out of water but a badass when the time comes. I think Mamoa can pull this off. Although I'm confident DC/WB are going to screw this up, they might get some of the characters right, if we ignore the potentially horrible stories.

TMNT Shredder Revealed.

My take: I don't know…but is a movie about (literally) teenaged, mutated, ninja-trained, 5-foot-tall turtles REALLY a bad place to put an over-the-top villain like this? Not really. Is the suit practical? Hell no. Does it certainly have dramatic flair? It certainly does. I think this is clearly a "leave your brain at the door" interpretation of TMNT, and you know what? Okay. I'll play along. I know one day someone great will get their hands on this franchise and we'll see something truly amazing, but for this summer? I'll buy popcorn, let the 10-year-old me out, and just shut up and enjoy. What's done is done.

Harrison Ford Injured by Millennium Falcon.

My take: Oh, the irony. They probably had to hold a blaster to his side to get him to make this movie in the first place. Now he's injured on his first week? I'm a big Ford fan, so I won't knock him, but this has got to be an omen of some kind, doesn't it?

Lex Luthor to Have Hair in Dawn of Justice.

My take: Wow, how different! How not what anyone wants! This movie is going to suck!

Warner Bros. Rebooting Scooby-Doo.

My take: I'm on the short list of people who actually enjoyed the original movie. I know it went against a lot of the canon but I did have a good time and I own it on DVD. The second one, Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, on the other hand, was a pile of horse crap. Anyway, does this series need a reboot? Nope. Am I excited to see what they come up with? Nope.


Spider-Verse Breaks Into Ultimate Spider-Man.

My take: I love the idea of immediately seeing these characters animated, to coincide with the comic book story. It's a great piece of marketing to have the popular animated series do what the books are doing. It might pay off. I'm personally a fan of the cancelled-too-soon Spectacular Spider-Man, but I do find Ultimate entertaining from time to time.

Hasbro Owns the Term "Bronies"?

My take: This is nowhere near as insane as Paris Hilton owning the phrase "That's hot" (seriously, that's real). Apparently "Brony" can no longer be used on anything monetized (anything you make money on). It's a brave new world, everypony!

Powerpuff Girls Return!

My take: I'm excited to see this show back on the air. Now that I have two daughters, it's tough to find something fun and "geek" themed for them to watch. This is a clever show that I hope returns with the same bang it had before.


Marvel's Ultimate Line Dwindling.

My take: With the cancellation of Ultimate FF, the Ultimate line is left with just two books. I owned a comic book store when the Ultimate line launched, and it was huge. Sales quickly dropped, however, as storylines began to repeat. As far as I'm concerned, these books need to go. I know Miles Morales has a lot of supporters, but the last thing the 616 needs is another spider hero.

Marvel Solicitations Reveal Star-Lord Sin?

My take: The Abnett and Lanning run from Guardians of the Galaxy is the reason I'm pumped for the movie. Now, we're going to find out what happened to Richard Rider (Nova) after the cliffhanger ending of The Thanos Imperative. I couldn't be more excited. I'm glad it's been left hanging, and I bet it's going to be juicy!


Angry Birds: Transformers Announced.

My take: Do I like this? I don't know. I actually do like the Angry Birds: Star Wars, but it involves the original trilogy characters for the most part. This new game looks to take some cues from the movie series, which I just can't support.

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