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Top 10 of Maxim's HOT 100 List (2014)

Posted by The Dace Man Wednesday, June 25, 2014
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Hey there Dacetacular nation, Chris Dace here bringing you the top 10 on Maxim's Hot 100 list. Now if you're a fan of The Dace Man Show, as you should be, you may have heard us dive into the list a little ways back in episode 49. Well today I've decided to put it together for you in an article along with some of the saucy photos that allowed these lovely ladies to get voted into the top 10! So without further ado, and I'm sure you frisky Fanboys already scrolled down and got your fix, it's time for 2014's top 10 hottest women according to Maxim!

10. Cara Delevingne

sexy leaked Cara Delvingne nudeNow I know virtually nothing about this person, and the name isn't one where you go "Oh yeah, that chick," but according to Maxim she hails from the United Kingdom. She has been gracing the catalogs of Victoria's Secret for a couple of years now and even has appearances in the films Anna Karenina and The Face of An Angel. Not only is this stunning young woman a model and actress, she plays drums and sings as well. In 2013 she recorded an acoustic duet cover version of "Sonnentanz" with Will Heard, an Austrian dance and electronica song originally recorded by a duo called duo Klangkarussell. Cara will have a small role in the upcoming fantasy film Pan. Let's see if this British bombshell will stand the test of time or if she is just a flash in the pan.

9. Mila Kunis

naked legs Mila Kunis nude pantiesDon't let the fact that she is currently carrying Ashton Kutcher's baby distract you from the fact that she is damn near every man's dream girl. Bursting into the scene at a very young age on the hit FOX TV show That 70s Show, Mila has been winning the hearts of teenagers and men ever since. With a very lengthy and successful movie career after the show's finale, Mila has been a consistent staple on the Maxim HOT 100. It is no surprise that she is a repeat in the top 10 again this year. In 2013 she ranked 4th overall on this list, and she is still a bombshell despite her annoying other half.  Mila has showed us her range of acting ability from movies such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall all the way to The Swan. With her range of acting and stunning looks, expect to see Mila Kunis on the Hot 100 for years to come.

8. Jessica Alba

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She's 33, has two kids, and has been appearing in films for over a decade. Jessica Alba is still breaking the hearts of millions of fans and turning them on faster than the roadrunner can run. Smoking hot and reprising her role in the Sin City sequel, Alba has made it on the HOT 100 yet again. There's no denying her beauty and charm. With a list of accolades that could fill up an entire forum, Jessica Alba continues to win over the male fan base and graces this year's top 10. I'm willing to place money Alba breaks into the top 10 for a few more years and won't leave the list for even longer. Long live Sue Storm!!

7. Alessandra Ambrosio

panties nude Alessandra Ambrosio ass legs
Here's another woman when you say her name, I scratch my head and say "Who the hell is that?" Apparently men have been purchasing a;lot of Victoria's Secret catalogs this year and pay close attention to the modeling events they have been having, because like her competition in spot number 10, Alessandra is a Victoria's Secret model from Brazil and a spokeswoman for the clothing line PINK. Just looking at some of the photo shoots she has done in the past I can understand why she broke into the top 10, but if you had asked me on the spot to rank the ten sexiest women hers would not be a name that popped in my head. So cheers to all the dudes out there still using Victoria's Secret catalogs…good to know the magazine business is safe from technology.

6. Zooey Deschanel

hairstyle Zooey Deschanel eyes
Ahh, back to a name I actually know. The weird thing about our number 6 on the list is she was in the back 25 of last year's list. Zooey has always had that quirkiness that all guys adore, usually reminding us of that girl we fell in love with in high school. She has not, however, been labeled as a bombshell. So keeping in theme with the sensitive male this year who reads a lot of Victoria's Secret catalogs, I am very glad to see my girl Zooey breaking into the top 10. Like I said before, she is very cute and has that personality that relates to guys, so she is a keeper in my book. Definitely worthy of the Number 6 spot on the list. Time for the top 5!

5. Jennifer Lawrence

naked photoshop Jennifer Lawrence nude photosI'm just gonna start off by saying this: How is she not number 1? Over the past few years Jennifer Lawrence has gone above and beyond the call when it comes to stealing hearts and being just an awesome chick. After making kickass movies like American Hustle, X-men, and The Hunger Games, she has found a very large audience of men to fall head over heels to get her. For crying out loud, in X-Men she's wearing nothing but blue! In several interviews she has given us glimpses into her life outside of acting, and she is hands-down the coolest woman in Hollywood today. Yes, she belongs in the top 10, but I really feel like 2014 should have been her year at number 1. Get your heads outta your asses and into the game next year, boys.

4. Irina Shayk

sexy naked Irina Shayk nude
We are faced yet again with the simple conclusion that men are doing more reading than they should be this year. Irina is a Russian swimsuit model who has been gracing magazines since her debut in 2007 with Sports Illustrated. Not much more is known about this model except that she's a model through and through. She will make her acting debut alongside The Rock in July's release of Hercules.

3. Katy Perry

naked sexy flash Katy Perry nudes

If I had to make a safe bet, I'd say Elmo and all his pals at Sesame Street sat in front of a computer and continuously voted for the busty singing bombshell. Number 3 is the girl who kissed a girl and liked it, then decided to hang around and become a huge pop icon. Rocking us with singles such as Roar, I Kissed a Girl, and Firework, Katy Perry has been stealing hearts of teenage boys and even some of my close friends for years. It's no surprise that when these teenage boys finally got into their early 20s they would skyrocket her up the list to number 3!

2. Scarlett Johansson

cleavage tits Scarlett Johansson boobs nudes
In the famous words of former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan: "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Scarlett Johansen has had a very busy schedule this year, including being a staple in the Marvel Cinematic Universe playing Black Widow as well as a hottie in several other movies like Don Jon. She has even had the ability to make men tingle with joy with just her voice in the movie Her. Scarlett Johansson has turned out to be the perfect package. Even though I still believe Jennifer Lawrence should have been number 1 this year, Scarlett would have been nipping at her heels at number 2 on my list. She is every nerd's fantasy. Now for the much anticipated number 1!

1. Candice Swanepoel

Who? Don't worry I had the same reaction until I Googled her picked up the issue of Maxim. Hailing from South Africa, she is one of the top-earning models in the world to date. She has modeled for just about any designer or company trying to sell something. There's no surprise that she fell into number 1 spot; her face, and body, are plastered everywhere through out the world. I had no idea who this woman was, but after seeing her pictures, she definitely belongs on the list. To me, though, she's still not a number 1. Nevertheless, it's not Dace's HOT 100, it's Maxim's, and she is the queen of 2014! Congratulations!

naked sexy Candice Swanepoel nude
So the last thing you have to ask yourself you agree with the list? Sound off below!

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