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The Empire Strikes Out for Star Wars Night at the Coca-Cola Stadium in Buffalo

Posted by Sarrah October Young Monday, June 23, 2014
Normally a trip to Buffalo is not nearly enough to excite me; however, last weekend was the Buffalo Bisons' annual Star Wars baseball game.

Star Wars and baseball, together at last.

Last year, I thought it was a joke: a cruel, horrible, twisted joke that was being played on me when I was told about this annual themed game the Buffalo team organizes to raise money for charity. Of course I went, and of course it blew my mind, so when I had the opportunity to go back, I made the Kessel run (for my credit card) in less than 12 parsecs. I timed it.

First thing I noticed when I got there was home plate.

Star Wars Night Buffal Bisons Darth Vader
Darth Vader home plate
I know. Just breathe and we'll get through this together, I promise. Then these guys showed up and I lost my damn mind.

baseball Star Wars sports
Rebellion members at the ball park
Chewie threw out the first pitch and he was magnificent.

Star Wars Night baseball Chewbacca pitcher
Chewie throws right and catches left
The stands filled up with people wearing either Star Wars t-shirts, costumes, or Toronto Blue Jays gear. I thought that people were just being jerks then I found out that the Bisons are actually Toronto's Triple A team, which made the sea of blue more tolerable.

My friends left me to get frosty beverages (beer) and this happened:

baseball Darth Vader mask in the crowd
Darth Vader? More like Darth Vendor
Yup, Darth Vader selling peanuts and cotton candy to children. I had to show my friends the photo because they didn't believe me. Apparently, this guy does costume changes throughout the game, and it's epic.

Speaking of epic, at the seventh inning stretch, Darth himself took over the mic and belted out a breathy rendition of "Take Me Out To The Ballgame."

Star Wars Night singing Darth Vader cosplay
Sing it loud, Darth!
After that, there were a series of short videos that the ballpark staff put together: the ongoing saga of the Empire trying to take over the Coca Cola Stadium. Unfortunately, I didn't get any video. I was too busy watching it and forgot until I was reminded that I should probably "get that."

I tried my best, but I couldn't get my companions to geek out with me until the very end. Part of our ticket package included a "lazer sword," and my friend Tea immediately took it because it lit up and made sounds. After the game, she ran behind her boyfriend Kyle and took every opportunity she could to stab him with it.

Buffalo Bisons Star Wars baseball lightsaber duel
Padawan Tea goes on the offensive
Next theme night is June 28th: Zombie Baseball. Interested? Go here for tickets and more information.

What about you guys? Have you even been to one of the themed night in Buffalo or anywhere else? Tell me all about it: I'm always looking for neat stuff like that.

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