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Review of Chuck Amadori's Tether #1 Comic Book

Posted by Anonymous Monday, June 9, 2014
Science fiction fans, I cracked a Chuck Amadori comic the other day, Tether, which relies heavily on a space opera theme. The comic, as a whole, is a modern sci-fi story tweaked with a very Roman era way of thinking. Oddly enough, the doctors in this comic—all female—are forced into gladiator-style Colosseum battles. Why? Well, comic #1 didn't elaborate on it yet, but I suspect the explanation can't be too many books in.

Tether Free Comic Cover ArtThis artful comic begins with a champion female fighter meeting another new young fighter just before the big show. She gives her some pointers, but chances are slim that the new girl will survive the brutality of the Colosseum. Hopefully, beyond the first pages, their relationship will have time to blossom, but this early,who can tell?

These two females and the monsters and mutants they battle aren't the only selling point these comics have. Anyone who follows my tweets knows that there are some other characters adding some color to the big picture as well. The emperor doesn't seem to care for the health of his subjects; he only wants to keep the people happy with violence. A second foul mind in this comic is that of a mad scientist who, rather than enjoying watching violence, loves to employ it. I'm certain both will add plenty of opposition  as the story develops. These ladies will, I assume, be the heroes that finally put an end to the injustices forced on young women by the future empire.

If Tether #1 taught me anything, it's that space operas translate quite well into comics. Chuck Amadori's Tether story has exquisite art, a fun story, and villains who begin to shape this comic into something of a dark science fiction fantasy tale. Who knows what could happen as the comic evolves, but one thing is for certain, I'm glad I cracked it. Scope Tether and tell me what you think downstairs!

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