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Review of Chuck Amadori's Empress #1 Comic Book

Posted by Anonymous Thursday, June 12, 2014
Readers: I don't know about the rest of you, but I've been a fan of mystery/detective comics since I first read the wild pages of my first comic ever, Dick Tracy. Clearly, it's a comic that sets itself apart from most detective comics by employing certain dark fantasy aspects, but it's still the one that drew me in. Twenty some odd years later, and I still like to pick up a detective comic from time to time. The stories are all different, but the nostalgia always feels the same.
Chuck Amadori Free Empress Comic Art

I recently received two comics from an expert indie comic writer Chuck Amadori: Tether, a comic I've already reviewed; and an Isle Squared Comics and Cruel Production collaboration, Empress, a mystery/detective comic which opens up with a know-it-all detective that's seen his share of "business." Both comics seem pretty unique and the art is great. Touched up with Amadori's talent for writing, the Island Square comic team really seems to be onto something.

Empress begins something like this: a young actress who is credited with being the first and foremost to take part in a new movie-making technology has gone missing. The company responsible for her next movie cannot find her as she is quite whimsical and free. As a last resort, they hire a young detective that has seen his share of work. The problem? He's not the only detective to have gone searching for the young actress—and none of the others have returned.

Our young gumshoe seems to have a soft spot for young women and can't seem to see the big picture in the presence of a beauty. While this comic doesn't seem to come out with it right away, I suspect that either his luck or his talent will create problems with a young mole who is put on his tracks to ruin the investigation. It seems almost like it may be a device by which to employ a little comic relief. The story is quick, the plot doesn't take long to thicken, and the characters are fun. This comic is definitely worth a look. Scope Empress and tell me what you think downstairs! Indie?

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