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Rebooting The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Part 3

Posted by The Dace Man Friday, June 6, 2014
Who should be casted in The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers MovieHey, hey, hey Dacetacular Nation! The Dace Man is back with part three of "Rebooting The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" here on Fanboys Anonymous. In our last installment we wrap up Chris Dace's mega-billion-dollar trilogy and the final chapter in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' franchise reboot.

Now, I'm a man who loves to give you just enough to make you go crazy for the next one. So last time we left of with Zordon saying "Prepare the transporter," and Goldar speaking to a mysterious figure. In today's edition it's time to put a cap on the Power Rangers and make Fanboys and Fangirls alike walk away happy. So let's get into it and get dirty.

We begin this flick with the typical day in the life of the Power Rangers. All has been in the clear since the tragic encounter with Tommy Oliver, a.k.a The Green Ranger. Peace has seemed to reign over Angel Grove for a while now as our favorite five teenagers approach high school graduation. The Rangers discuss among each other how they have been summoned to the command center in months. From there we cut away to Rita pacing back and forth, frantically yelling at all her goons (with the exception of Goldar). A siren goes off, and one of the goons tells Rita a vessel is approaching and appears to be docking with their station. Goldar excitedly runs to greet the new arrival. Out walks the most badass MMPR villain ever. Yeah, I said it—ever! Lord Zedd storms out of Serpentera and seizes control of the space station. His first act after assuming control is banishing Rita back into a capsule with all those who do not swear loyalty to him. Rita, left on her own, is ultimately imprisoned by Lord Zedd and cast into the depths of space.

We cut to the command center with Zordon panicked at feeling the disturbance of evil in the morphing grid. He alerts Alpha to immediately gather the Rangers, and upon doing so we get a nice history lesson into Lord Zedd and his viciousness. The dark lord himself arrives outside of the command center with Serpentera and destroys the defenses. Upon walking into the command center Zedd blasts Alpha 5 and breaks Zordon's containment device. He strips the Rangers of their morphers and transports them to a realm beyond Zordon's reach. Zedd grabs Zordon out of his containment pod and pulls him close, saying there's nothing he can do and that it was a long time coming. Alpha 5, in a last-ditch effort, initiates Project White before Zedd destroys what remains of the robot.

Lord Zedd to appear in the MIghty Morphin Power Rangers Reboot
The Power Rangers, banished to a realm unknown to them, try to form an action plan to escape. Within this realm they encounter a powerless Rita looking for freedom. The Rangers begin a journey across this uncharted island to seek help and a way off. Rita trails in the hope of escaping as well but with the intention of killing them the moment they escape.

Back on Earth, Project White turns out to be a White Ranger with a sword named Saba. Saba, a direct upload of Alpha 5's database, informs the White Ranger how the main command center was compromised and tells him he must hurry there to save Zordon and the Power Rangers. He begins a journey to the command center. Meanwhile, in Angel Grove, Zedd has begun conquering and enslaving civilization. He has appointed Finster to create monsters to patrol regions for his aggressive takeover. He battles with the US military and local forces as The White Ranger travels to the command center.

The five other Rangers arrive at a ritual ground within the banished realm, where they meet an old friend of Zordon's. She teaches them the way of the her ancient people and explains how to summon the ancient Zords. She then attempts to contact Zordon, and with a faint signal opens a portal back to Earth, where they meet the White Ranger. Rita engages in a fight with the realms guardian and ultimately kills her. In doing so she opens a portal back to Angel Grove with enough time to warn Zedd of the Rangers' return and that Zordon still lives.

Will the White Ranger appear in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Reboot
The Rangers confront Lord Zedd and battle his forces in an epic battle that ends with the defeat of Zedd and Rita. Lord Zedd at some point during the battle ties up with the White Ranger, in the process knocking off his helmet revealing it is a very much alive Tommy Oliver. They battle with their new Zords, toppling the tyrants. Lord Zedd attempts to flee, but Tommy chases him down. Goldar appears to defend his emperor in the battle. Tommy goes to kill Goldar but refrains, claiming he doesn't need to kill the monster because he's defeated. As Tommy walks away to chase down Zedd, Goldar goes for the same blow he gave Tommy in the last film and is zapped and vanishes. We see the return of Alpha 5 in an upgraded form in time to save Tommy and claim Goldar is not dead, just sent away. The two pursue Zedd and engage in one final battle.

Upon capture Zedd is brought in front of a walking Zordon who was given the ability by his dying friend from the other realm. He banished Rita Zedd and the rest to same Island where the Rangers resided earlier in the film. Zedd argues with Rita when suddenly the two are greeted by Goldar, who tells them the island's guardian is not happy and is looking for Rita. The scene cuts back to the Rangers celebrating with Zordon and then graduating. End trilogy.

Hope you enjoyed my spin on what I felt should be the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Trilogy!

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