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Rebooting The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Part 1

Posted by The Dace Man Wednesday, June 4, 2014
News and Spoilers for the new Power Rangers MovieHey, hey, hey Dacetacular Nation! The Dace Man is back after a lackluster month for himself here on Fanboys Anonymous.  About a month ago I brought you breaking news on how Lionsgate would be bringing the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (MMPR) franchise back to the big screen. Now I, for one, was very excited at this announcement, so excited I did a little dance at work in front of my fellow business professional colleagues.

A month has gone by since the big announcement, and I have some theories on a possible storyline for the MMPR movie. That's why I have decided to gather with all of you and share my ideas. Join me for part 1 of a 3-part series where I discuss my ideas on the MMPR franchise. To Lionsgate: Feel free to borrow the ideas!

Now assuming all of my fellow '90s kids rally together and make the first movie a smash hit, Lionsgate could potentially turn this franchise into a trilogy or at least shoot us a nice sequel.  For the sake of this article I'm going to pretend the studio has greenlit the production for three films.

The first film would dip into the origins of the Rangers and the classic get-your-feet-wet formula common in origin films. Keeping with the concept of the pilot episode Day of the Dumpster, Rita Repulsa would be the main antagonist, with the group of Goldar, Finster, Squat, and Baboo. Some would argue for the inclusion of Scorpina, but to me Goldar would be the build up for the main fight. At that point there is really no need for him to have a tag-team partner, it would just take away from Goldar as a threat to the Rangers. I still like the concept of them being trapped in the capsule after banishment by Zordon; this would set up a revenge plot against him and the eventual Rangers. During a space expedition to the Moon—yes, I'm still sticking with the Moon—scientists discover and ultimately open the capsule that has kept Rita and her squad contained for thousands of years. Rather than having scientists run off like nerds with nothing else happening, at this point we would instead establish Goldar as the main threat by having him destroy the entire expedition with ease. His group then sets their eyes on Earth and begins rebuilding their base, using the remains of the space station.

Casting for the new Power Rangers MovieWe'd now cut to the main logo and fade to the suburb of Angel Grove outside some major city. The five teenagers (Kimberly, Trini, Billy, Zack and Jason), and of course Bulk and Skull, would be introduced. Now in my opinion the five should not be friends; it didn't really make sense in the show, based on their interests, and it would set up a better dynamic if they came from different stereotypical high school groups. They can bond over time, but I think if you start out with them having to work at getting along it will help build the characters, unlike the generic teens we had in the past. Bulk and Skull would be the comic relief but ultimately the reason that brings them together as high school friends. The concept of Zordon and Alpha 5 would virtually be the same, with just an upgrade tech-wise to be more current.

Zordon would go on to recruit the Angel Grove teenagers and lead them through training and prep for the imminent attack by Rita and Goldar. After going through the training and still not grasping the concept of the Morphers and how to control their power, they eventually quit, leaving the Earth open for attack. Rita, seeing this, would send the Putties down to attack, which would force the hand of The Rangers and unite them. Send down Goldar also, maybe, with a few throwback monsters made by Finster, and we're in the home stretch toward the major fight scene with the classic Zords and giant monsters—vintage Japan.

The Power Rangers would go onto save the day by destroying the monsters. Goldar, beaten and battered, would flee back to the Moon base with Rita to regroup and lick his wounds. The movie would roll into credits after the teens vow to protect Angel Grove from any evil that would threaten it. To pump the audience up for what would be both the second installment in the cinematic universe of the Power Rangers and part two of my "Rebooting The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" series there naturally has to be a post credits scene. We'd hear Goldar pleading his case to return to Earth and finish off the Power Rangers as Rita walks toward the camera with a single flame. She bends down off camera, and as she rises back into frame she states, "I've got other plans." The camera would then pan out to show a green candle lit, and they'd cut to black.

Check back tomorrow for part two!

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