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No Nightwing for CW's Arrow....For Now?

Posted by The Dace Man Tuesday, June 24, 2014
Spoilers and news on The  CW's Arrow season 3
Hey, hey, hey, Dacetacular ones! Chris Dace bringing you some more news in the world of geek. This time, I reflect back to some cryptic messages left by Steven R. McQueen in the month of November about CW's Arrow. Back in November, The Vampire Diaries' star, McQueen, got the internet a buzzing by taking a picture at the gym and spreading it online! The buzzworthy part of the tweet was the message, "Nightwing training," and then tagging the writting and casting team of Arrow

Several months later, McQueen is finally speaking up on the tweet he posted, sending us nerds into a frenzy. Here's what Steven had to say to The Wrap.
"It's a great story that hasn't really been told. You know, if I get the chance to play a superhero, I can't make any promises that I'm not going to run with it." 
Check out the full interview bellow with Steven R. McQueen below, and make sure you sound off on your thoughts of Nightwing finally making a television or movie screen debut!

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