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Honkies from Outer Space Invade the Green Planet Review

Posted by Anonymous Sunday, June 1, 2014
Readers, the great thing about graphic novels, especially indie graphic novels, is that there is no end to the story possibilities. No matter where you take your readers, as long as the art works, you should be able to find some reader somewhere who can relate. If that wasn't true, we wouldn't get Sunday newspaper comics in every weekend newspaper with which to pack our knickknacks.

Honkies From Space Free Cover Art Poster
The other day, I took a few hours to read Honkies From Outer Space, a cartoon-style adult graphic novel written, drawn, and hand lettered by Wm. J. Krupinski. As sort of a warning, some parts of the storyline and scenarios are more mature than the art itself, but it all seems to come together in a neat and tidy, well-drawn, decently written, silly masterpiece. It seems to draw an interesting parallel with several historical events involving the invasion unto a people by another, specifically the invasions upon the African and Native American peoples. In fact, the title, Honkies from Outer Space, leaves little to wonder about the population represented by the alien invader (if you catch my drift). Like the cover says, "they are so rude and crude they must be from another planet." The honkies don't care for preservation, they don't care who they might hurt, and they don't care what happens when they eat up all the resources.

This graphic novel begins with a few young troglodytes from an underdeveloped world. Having witnessed the invasion of a people from far away, they set out to free their kind from the honking destruction of the capitalist invaders. Little do they know that there is an incidental traitor among them who is drawn into an odd relationship with royalty from The Honkies. It will spell danger for people of the planet but may also save them.

I found this story unique and funny. At some points the humor might have fallen a little short, specifically in the form of a pun, or perhaps it might have been over my head, but when Krupinski hits the honky on the head, sometimes you can't help but kracker up. Krupinski gets a definite 4 out of 5 me and I would definitely read his work again. Tell me what you think downstairs! Indie?

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