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Capcom's Game Lineup for E3 2014, Latest Titles Announced

Posted by Michelle Quillen Friday, June 6, 2014
E3 2014 is four days away, and as per usual, social networks are abuzz with excitement for what this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo will bring us. Among what’s ahead are the latest titles from Capcom, which were just announced, along with the lineup of playable games that will be available to us at the Capcom booth.

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Zombies PC Summer 2014 Steam third person combat upgrade newDead Rising 3, one of the exclusive launch titles for Xbox One, is making its way to PC gamers as a digital download on Steam. Slaughter the undead in widescreen and high resolution and witness the characters, surroundings, and in-game objects with an upgraded texture. Dead Rising 3 for PC will come with Steam platform support, Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud, Steam Trading Cards, global leaderboards and full game controller compatibility.

PSP iOS iPhone iPod touch iPad iPad mini iPad Air App Store co-op questsMonster Hunter Freedom Unite introduced PSP players to the world of eliminating monsters, from the early stages of attack planning to the consequential combat. This month the game will be arriving on the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, iPad mini, and iPad Air. The ultimate reward is achieved using complex fighting systems and teaming up with the most experienced hunters to improve one’s skills. This mobile version will feature higher definition graphics, support for MFi controllers, and co-op multiplayer quests accessible by wi-fi for up to four hunters.

Nintendo Network 3DS portable gaming improved mechanics
In keeping with the Monster Hunter vein, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is coming to Nintendo 3DS for us here in the US early 2015. For this portable gaming version of the latest series installment, the Nintendo Network will allow players to join up, create teams, and take out—or even ride atop—the monsters together. New features include more vertical and lateral movement, two weapon classes, and versatile climbing abilities.

Nintendo eShop rookie lawyer crime game justice 3D winter release

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is also making its way to the Nintendo 3DS this winter on the Nintendo eShop. All three games featuring the courtroom character will feature sharp high-res graphics and 3D visuals built for the 3DS, while players investigate crime scenes, gather evidence and interact with witnesses. Defend your client with what you see and hear in a series of classic cases to expose the truth.

HD poster Ultra Street Fighter 4 desktop wallpaper
Fanboys Anonymous brought the news of Ultra Street Fighter IV’s release for the PS3 and impressive cast of characters this week. Take another look at what’s in store with this title by checking out screenshots and our report of the latest features here.

FA also brought you the details of Capcom Pro Tour, the Street Fighter-based fighting league, back in March. E3 will be the third among its ranking event destinations, where players from all over the world will go head to head for Capcom Cup final victory. Look back at what the CPT is all about and Capcom’s partnership with Twitch here.

All of these titles will be on display at the Capcom booth #2001 in the South Hall of the LA Convention Center from June 10th to June 12th. Which game would you wait in the inevitable line to try out? Let us know in the Comments below!

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