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Week in Geek: May 21st, 2014

Posted by Jeff Penner Thursday, May 22, 2014
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Nerdy current events in geek culture for this week


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

My take: I don't know how to feel about the new Batman / Superman movie title. I really feel they missed an opportunity on the branding and iconic history of the phrase "World's Finest".

X-Men: Days of Future Past Extravaganza.

My take: The X-Men movie's marketing campaign is on full blast with interviews galore. The media is surprisingly steering clear of Bryan Singer's sexual assault allegations and I get the feeling a lot of money is making that happen. This movie could set off Fox's own little "phase 2" for the franchise so they can continue to screw things up for fans around the world.

Godzilla 2 Confirmed Already.

My take: Only a week into it's release, Godzilla has a sequel in the works. Money talks and so do good movies. With only a few minor mis-steps, this movie was a winner for sure.

Transformers: Age of Extinction New Trailer.

My take: As hopeful as I'm remaining for this third attempt to correct the misguided attempt at a Transformers live action movie, I can't help but cringe. At the same time, however, this trailer held my attention the entire time. That's because Michael Bay is a genius at movie trailers, it's his one, true calling and he should switch careers.

Star Wars Fan Contest.

My take: J.J. Abrams on set of Star Wars Episode VII posted a video for a chance to be in the film. This is for charity, which I can't not support but is this going to be the new norm for big budget films?


Almost Human Cancelled.

My take: At the recent Vancouver Fan Expo (our Comic Con here in Vancouver, Canada), the panel for this show was HUGE. Karl Urban may as well have been Elvis. Considering the series didn't have horrible ratings and it is only one season in, this was a bit of a surprising call.

Community Cancelled…Again.

My take: This quirky (yes, I know, it's an overused description, shut up) show deserves so much more that the on-again, off-again relationship we've been given. Rarely do we get a show that is so meta, so aware and clever as this was. Did NBC not see the Beatlejuice joke that took multiple seasons to pay off? Come on!

24 Live Another Day Still On TV.

My take: This series may look like everything is supposed to be different and modern but it's the same old 24 that everyone is used to. With the series being 12 episodes instead of 24, they needed a huge twist early on to make us think "whoa, this ain't your momma's 24"…but it is.

Halo 5 and TV Series in 2015.

My take: I own Halo, Halo 2 and Halo 3…I have yet to finish a single one of them. The series doesn't hold my attention as I feel zero connection to anything that's happening and any of the characters. I know I'm in a minority on this, so this news doesn't excite me whatsoever but I wish it the best of luck because I would love a Gears of War TV show. That's my jam.

Twin Peaks Blu-Ray.

My take: Talk about cult. This was a series nobody at the time truly enjoyed watching (I was old enough when it aired, I remember) and can be summed up as "Ohh, did you watch that show?" but you didn't and you won't. I recommend you don't unless you want blue balls for a series that intrigues but fails to pay off.


David Goyer Pisses off She-Hulk Fans.

My take: David Goyer said on a podcast that She-Hulk was created for boys to fantasize about boning her, "Slut-Hulk", he called her. Though I'll admit to finding her attractive, I've never thought of her as Marvel's town bike. She's a lawyer! I think Goyer has some major PR issues to overcome in the next few weeks.

Aquaman Animated Movie Confirmed.

My take: This will the lowest, or highest, selling of the DC direct-to-DVD films. These days, people love irony and launching this film to ironic sales heights would make them all giggle for at least 8 minutes. We'll see what marketing spin they use; "Aquaman the badass" or "Can you believe it we make an Aquaman movie!"?

DC Forever Evil #7 Finally Released.

My take: The launching issue of several new storylines that already launched came out and revealed a new hint at next year's big event. DC made some promises with The New 52, including never missing a publishing date, which they have faltered on a few times already. This issue leads into more multiverse nonsense than I ever though possible and I hope the implosion at DC doesn't collapse the industry.


Batman: Gotham Knight Trailer.

My take: New Batman: Gotham Knight trailer shows some lacklustre footage. It's promoted as "gameplay footage" but clearly isn't. Much of it is city and crowd shots with a few quick cuts of video footage. I'm looking forward to driving the Batmobile around but the marketing on this better pick up and find something unique to show me fast.

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