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New Batmobile Teased for Batman vs. Superman

Posted by Jeff Penner Monday, May 12, 2014
Zach Snyder has teased the Batmobile from the upcoming (and currently filming) Batman vs. Superman project! I can't write anymore, look at the pic!

Ben Affleck Batmobile design Zack Snyder

The movie is set to come out against Captain America 3: Electric Bugaloo in 2016, and hype is going to be off the charts for this one. It will be the sequel to Man of Steel, Ben Affleck's first appearance as Batman, the first major movie for Wonder Woman, and the first live action for Aquaman since the WB screwed him up. Also, DC will ram Cyborg down our throats some more while probably adding Green Lantern and potentially showing us that the film is somehow tied to CW's The Flash and Arrow TV series! It's all very exciting, and if it's the train wreck many (who…me?) think it could be, this will be amazing to watch on-screen and off.

Snyder has the right idea though: tidbits. Drop cookie crumbs in your way, on your own social media. I'm sure he needed to get approval for this but as long as the right people listen to the right other people, there's a chance they could keep the potential over-hype controlled. Here is Snyder's tease for possible more:

Superman vs Batman Batmobile Ben Affleck Zack Snyder

It looks like it will be a mix of Val Kilmer's Batmobile from Batman Forever and the Tumbler from Batman Begins. The next round of excitement is going to come when Affleck's bat-suit starts making the rounds. For now, the Batmobile is a great start.

What does it look like to you? If you could mash two past Batmobiles together to make the perfect car, which would they be?

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