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Lost Relics of the '90s: The Simpsons Sing the Blues

Posted by The Dace Man Monday, May 12, 2014
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Hey, hey, hey, Dacetacular Nation! Chris "The Dace Man" Dace here, back to drop some more Nerdstalgia on you! In this edition of "Lost Relics of the '90s," we take a look into the 1990 album The Simpsons Sing The Blues, the first offshoot album from the hit TV series The Simpsons.

If you were born in the late '80s or early '90s, you have pretty much grown up with the yellow family from Springfield, and Bart and Lisa have been there every step of the way. Now as much as you wish you could age like them—which is not at all—they did manage to drop this relic of an album on us pretty early in the Simpsons franchise.

The album hit the market in December 1990, barely a year after the premiere episode on FOX in '89. It would go on to hit number three on the Billboard 200. Having names such as DJ Jazzy Jeff and the iconic Michael Jackson attached to the project, the album was a hit—especially the single Do The Bartman. Now if you're like me, this song was a huge part of your childhood. There is poor-quality VHS out there of a young Dace Man kicking walls and essentially doing his own version of the Bartman. The song was co-written and co-produced by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, but because Jackson was working for another label, he couldn't come right out and say he helped. (It's similar to how Wolverine is an Avenger, but because FOX controls the X-Men movie rights, we will never see him in Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe.)

The success of The Simpsons Sing the Blues led other animated characters to try and take up a life within the music world. Barbie went on to release an album, and of course Disney took the ball and ran with it—from Sebastian in The Little Mermaid to that annoying chick from Frozen. (I didn't like that movie; "Let It Go" was whiny. But that's a topic for another day.) The album contains ten tracks, three of which were released as singles, with The Bart Man being the most successful of them.

  1. Do the Bartman
  2. School Day
  3. Born Under a Bad Sign
  4. Moanin' Lisa Blues
  5. Deep, Deep Trouble
  6. God Bless the Child
  7. I Love to See You Smile
  8. Springfield Soul Stew
  9. Look at All Those Idiots
  10. Sibling Rivalry
This would be the first of several album releases for The Simpsons, including a couple of collections of songs from the TV Show sung by various characters in the town of Springfield. Through 25 years and 550 episodes, we've experienced a movie, music albums, games, and a ton of collectible toys and figures, but for me nothing was as iconic or everlasting as The Simpsons Sings The Blues. I thoroughly regret not being able to save the original cassette. (For you young'uns out there, that's what we had before CDs, and CDs are what we had before your damn iPods.) Enjoy The Bartman and this trip down '90s Boulevard, because we're 23 years out from this album's release and time is only moving forward...

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