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Wu-Tang Clan-associated Rapper Severs Penis then Attempts Suicide

Posted by Fellonius Munch Thursday, April 17, 2014
In one of this week's more bizarre and shocking stories, Christian rapper Andre Johnson, aka Christ Bearer, is currently recovering in a Los Angeles hospital after a suspected suicide attempt!

Wu-Tang Clan associated Christian rapper severs own penis and jumps off second storey balcony
Andre Johnson aka Christ Bearer

The news currently trending is that Johnson is affiliated with famous rappers Wu-Tang Clan, as RZA produced the 2004 debut album of Johnson's group Northstar, titled RZA Presents Northstar. However, the group have been quick to distance themselves, stating:
Parental Advisory: Don't believe the HYPE. This motherfucker ain't got shit to do with the Wu-Tang brand!
Wu-Tang Clan being affiliated with Christian Rapper Andre Johnson aka Christ Bearer after suicide attempt

Only a couple of days ago did the soon to be 41-year-old Johnson (cough) release a new single with Rugged Monk, conveniently titled Oooh. Johnson was then found severely injured at 1am yesterday morning, Wednesday, April 16.

It is believed that after cutting off his own…

Christian Rapper Christ Bearer of Northstar cuts off own penis and jumps off second storey balcony in Hollywood

…he dove from the second-story balcony of a building in north Hollywood and was then discovered at the side of the road and taken by paramedics to Cedars Sinai Medical Center for emergency treatment.

Wu-Tang lan affiliated rapper Andre Johnson in shock suicide attempt after cutting off his penis
Quick! To the Willy Doctor!
So far, there is no news as to whether foul play was suspected, or if Johnson was on drugs at the time, although a neighbor claimed that he didn't take drugs. Neither do we know if medical staff managed to save Johnson's penis in the end, or if it's since become a prized collectible alongside Wu-Tang Clan's single-copy $15 million dollar secret album The Wu - Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. Check eBay for updates!

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