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Week in Geek: April 9th, 2014

Posted by Jeff Penner Wednesday, April 9, 2014
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Nerdy current events in geek culture for this week


Captain 'Merica 2

My take: Okay, it was worth the wait. I really enjoyed the movie, the action was dynamic, and the "spy stuff" was easy to follow. Now I can't wait for parts 3-12(?).

MCU Planned Out to 2028?

My take: Holy crap, these guys aren't kidding around. Though, movie-wise, 2028 is just around the corner, and the fact that they're thinking of these films in the terms of comic book storytelling makes me really excited. Imagine a year long story in a comic taking 12 months to tell. It would certainly take longer to tell in a film series with a "one every three years" schedule. I think one obvious arc seems to be letting the "Bucky Cap" story play out. Seems to be in the works already.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Reviews

My take: The reviews are rolling in and they, sadly, are exactly what you would expect. "Too long," "good chemistry," "bullet time." This movie sounds very much like a vehicle for toys and Sony printing their own money. Where the Marvel films have character, story and heart, I fear this new, expanded plan they have for Spidey is going to ruin the character's box office cred.

Chewbacca Returns

My take: Peter Mayhew will return and it has me thinking about that lucky guy out there who's job it is to decide what books, comics, movies, and episodes are official Star Wars canon. At one point, as do all living things, Chewbacca is killed. It literally took an entire planet to kill him, but I wonder if he won't go the way of Agent Coulson to have something to avenge in the next series.

Battlestar Galactica Movie?

My take: This will be a third take on the story as it won't be tied to the original series or the 2003 reboot. Interest level nominal, depending on how awesome the Cylons look. I wasn't a huge fan of the "infiltration" plot of the reboot, but otherwise enjoyed it.


The Big Bang Theory / Star Wars to Crossover

My take: As a big fan of the show who is growing more disappointed in the lack of effort they seem to be putting in, I'm excited for this. I don't want this show to go the way of Drew Carey and start breaking the fourth wall, but any time there is a crossover with Star Wars, we say "it's a good thing Bart did that!"

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Ratings

My take: The show I never wanted is turning into the show nobody needs. A great opportunity to flesh out storylines, the series is floundering despite huge box office numbers for the MCU films. I'm down for a new movie a couple times a year but don't need the universe in my life 24/7. I have only seen the pilot so I'm partly talking out of my ass here. It didn't grab my interest and had almost every element I hoped it wouldn't (attractive conspiracy theorist who lives in a van? check). With no second season confirmed yet, it's either going to go away or this is all part of a bigger plan? Marvel is pretty sneaky and I wouldn't put it past them.

Robot Chicken DC Comics Special II

My take: I've always been a fan of parody until all the Scary Movies and their ilk ruined them. Robot Chicken, South Park, and even Family Guy have made the genre enjoyable and I love "crossovers" like this.


Death of Archie Andrews

My take: Archie Andrews will die in an upcoming storyline in the comic book ironically titled Life with Archie. It has Archie and comic books in every news outlet's online feed so, you know what? Bring it on.

Bring Back Damian Wayne?

My take: Is this still being discussed? My vote is no. He was an interesting character that came at a horrible time. He makes no sense and shouldn't be brought back from the dead. If anything, it's a Robin. Have a phone poll, it's easier than ever nowadays, DC. I'll support whatever the fans decide, even if they make the incorrect decision. DC already has characters like Harper Row and now Anna Aguila, do we really need the Robin pot stirred any more than it already is?


Comcast "the worst" as Time Warner Merger Filed

My take: If there is a good litmus test for America, it's when the worst company in the country can merge with one of the most important (entertainment-wise) and everyone just shrugs and says "what can ya do." The potential for this merger to make home entertainment less entertaining is way too huge., but money talks and this is happening whether you like it or not. Time for Amazon, Google Fiber, and the rest to take the stage and knock Com-TWC on their ass.


WWE's Ultimate Warrior Passes Away

My take: What? Holy crap. Just days after re-appearing on RAW and being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame? It's like he was waiting for a proper farewell. He got a little crazy the last decade but I always appreciate those that made my childhood fun, and he was definitely on the list.

Mickey Rooney Passes Away

My take: I'll be honest, I was never his biggest fan, partly due to him simply "appearing" in films like The Muppets as a Stan Lee-like button. However, as I mentioned above, anyone who makes childhood magical gets an approving nod.

Wil Wheaton Touches Hearts

My take: For a guy pretty much hated by his fan base years ago, Wheaton has made the slow-burn comeback of the century. This week a video response at a 2013 convention about nerd-dom to bring us all closer together. Damn him. He's so damn cool now.

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