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Week in Geek: April 23rd, 2014

Posted by Jeff Penner Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Nerdy current events in geek culture for this week


Star Wars Movies Budgets Will Keep Between $175 and $200 Million Each.

My take: This will quickly change, guaranteed. At least for VIII and IX because the stories will have to get more and more complicated to keep interesting. Plus, the amount (and cost) of CGI is getting higher and higher. I'm fine leaving this in JJ's hands for now, but if fans hate the first released footage, reshoots (remember LOST, JJ?) could happen immediately.

Star Wars Expanded Universe Unwelcome in New Movies.

My take: Screenwriter Simon Kinberg confirms that the expanded universe is not part of the movie canon, however, it's open season for Star Wars Rebels. The good news is that we'll definitely see all new, original material. The bad news, if the six existing movies are "canon" then, well,… "midichlorians."

Son of Batman Released and Overall Hated.

My take: Personally, I hate the idea of Damian Wayne, especially in The New 52 timeline. It was an interesting dynamic, sure, but now we're stuck with this additional character that throws DC's "five year rule" into ridiculous question (even if he incubated at an accelerated rate). Also, enough with the chin straps on all the costumes now, yeesh!

Barbie Movie to Start Production Before 2015.

My take: It never even occurred to me when I saw this story that there had never been a live-action Barbie movie (unless you count Legally Blonde). What 7-foot-tall woman is going to play Barbie?


Beware the Batman Back on the Air This Summer.

My take: The last 15 episodes will air at 3am, which makes Cartoon Network's animation focus for superheroes seem all the stranger. Green Lantern: the Animated Series was constantly on hiatus, Beware the Batman was cancelled outright with no explanation, and there are no new series announcements. Considering animation is the one thing DC does RIGHT, I don't know what this means for animation fans.

Amazon Prime Scores HBO.

My take: While Netflix is doing very well, any company with exclusive streaming rights to HBO has pretty much hit a home run. The available shows are very select (no Game of Thrones yet), but this can only mean big bucks for Amazon.

Netflix Signs Arrested Development Creator for New Series.

My take: I'm happy to hear some original comedy shows might get some attention. I enjoy the occasional drama but I think we're a little overloaded with them. Plus, I have two kids and watching an hour long show is extremely difficult to fit in.

Sean Bean to Star in New FBI Series Legends.

My take: …aaaaand his character is dead already. Dammit.


Batman to Appear on Every DC Comic Cover in July.

My take: Really, DC? Sticking to your one strength? This just shows how much they rely on this one vehicle for sales. Although, Marvel did something similar with Venom last year.

Oprah Says Read a Comic Book!

My take: Specifically, March: Book One covers the story of Congressman John Lewis during the civil rights movement. It's a start.


Humans Invent Powdered Alcohol.

My take: Adult Tang! The website for "Palcohol" used to boast that the powder could be snorted and you would get drunk instantly. There is no good that can come of this product.

Game Boy's 25th Anniversary.

My take: Want to feel old? Read that headline. It sure worked for me. I didn't get a Game Boy right away, I had to earn it (yes, I have those kinds of parents) so I think I got a later version. In any case, I sure recall spending plenty of nights playing Tetris and Spider-Man, especially when the power went out. No power? Great time to play video games.

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