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The Amazing Spider-Baby Premieres in Evian TV Spot

Posted by Jeff Penner Thursday, April 3, 2014
Evian's new TV spot, featuring The Amazing Spider-Man and an adorable Spider-Baby, is too cute for its own good. Its cross-promotion, however, might be too cute for a green society.

Peter Parker Spider-Man and Spider-Baby Evian
"Word to yo' Aunt May."

The video itself is cute, energetic, and shows a fun Spider-Man, with Sony allowing him to look goofy instead of heroic. I'm all for it. The cross-promotion, however, could have been anything. I was surprised to see bottled water appear at the very end, as though Evian won a bid for preproduced footage or something. In a forward-thinking society using a character targeting children, is bottled water something we want Spider-Man pushing?

Here is the admittedly very cool video that gets interrupted near the end with product placement.

Evian is currently running a "Live Young" campaign, promoting the healthy aspect of drinking water. However, the more bottled water we purchase, the more we pollute and the worse off we all get. The campaign itself sounds less about healthy living and more about promotion of a product, even from the creator of the spot.

"Within the 'Live Young' campaign premise, we look for things which are spectacular, but in a charming and fun way, and I recognize that in the things Spider-Man does," said Filip Nilsson of BETC Paris. "If you look at his personality and his character, and why Spider-Man is the most popular superhero of all, I think it's because of that. It's because he does a lot of spectacular, really amazing stuff, but there's also this sense of humor that goes along with it. That's why we thought it was such a good fit for Evian. It took some time to get used to, but then it felt almost too good to be true."

Although this video is absolutely adorable, we have to be smarter than this and cut down on bottle water purchases. Am I being too preachy?

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