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Review of Noah: Ila's Story Novel by Susan Korman

Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Hey readers, thanks for swimming by! For those of you who didn't catch my Noah review, it's about half-accurate (to the Bible) and half-fantasy. Personally, I got into a few parts and thought it was quite good, beginning with the murder of Lamech by Tubal-Cain when Noah was a child, and then jumping into the future during the time when Noah is contacted by God. The book and, I'm assuming, the play/movie make a pretty decent addition to the religious fantasy arena.
Pictures From The Noah Movie Novelization

For me, the story's inaccuracies are probably the least of its issues. After all, it's difficult to accept the Bible as pure fact. My biggest problem was with some of the fantasy aspects, but putting aside everything I know about the Bible—or even the Koran and a large portion of other original religious books and stories—I actually enjoyed the read quite a bit. There is a definite story and plenty of action, but Ila's Story—a novel covering Ila's perspective on the Noah story—wasn't as enjoyable.

What I didn't like about it was that there appear to be gaps in Ila's story whenever she doesn't appear in the Noah novelization, almost as if her character doesn't exist unless there is someone around her. Does a tree make a sound if it falls and there is no one to hear it? I don't know, but I know Ila can't hear any trees falling unless someone is there to see her hearing it.

Honestly, it was nicely written. It wasn't terrible, and it did add a little extra perspective, including a more feminine view on the plight of Ila as she deals with the hardships that dominate her life. The problem is that the novel doesn't add much in the way of extra story. What went on with Ila behind the scenes, and what else did I miss that went unmentioned? Considering that the Noah novelization relied so heavily on fantasy, I expected to see more fantasy elements in Ila's Story. It ends up being a wasted read, if you ask me. Indie?

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