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Peep and Creep Chicago’s Streets in this New Watch Dogs Trailer

Posted by Michelle Quillen Wednesday, April 2, 2014
Pop quiz, hot shot. You have two weapons: a baton and a cell phone. Which do you use? Which…do you use?

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In Watch Dogs, you won't have to choose. Ubisoft recently released a trailer for their highly anticipated game to show players just how they can hack their way through the Chicago's transit system, strangers' cell phones, and city computers to be the ultimate vigilante by accessing more than 30 traditional weapons and 65 different vehicles all at their mercy.

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See the city through protagonist Aiden Pearce's eyes as he traverses the Windy City and literally beats his way through cyber wars, sidewalk scuffles, and shootouts when Watch Dogs is released this summer on May 27.

"Disrupt," the next-gen engine driving the Watch Dogs game, brags beautiful graphics and a bumping unique soundtrack to bring your capital voyeurism to the next level. Just check out the latest trailer below:

Various perks accommodate preordering this action-packed title based on the platform that you're lurking. Place your preemptive purchase with PlayStation and get four exclusive missions, 60 minutes more of gameplay, a white hat hacker outfit, and an additional battery pack that allows you to hack twice as hard. Preordering with GameStop will unlock exclusive investigative abilities on top of ultimate ATM bank account hacking abilities for mega cash monies. If you're an Amazonian, enjoy the exclusive perks of a black viceroys outfit and biometric AR. If you're a person of Walmart, your incentives include a cyberpunk gun and outfit.

Mased vigilante car crash cell powered

Watch Dogs will be available the Tuesday after Memorial Day (May 27, my birthday!) for the PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC. The Wii U version's debut will be announced at a later date, but PS4 and PS3 purchases will include an in-game outfit and bonus missions.

Will you be pre-preordering a copy of this E3 award-winning title? Let us know why or why not in the comments below, and for more information on the game itself including more trailers, gameplay videos, and concept art, head over to the official Watch Dogs website here.

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