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Oh, Hell Comic Kickstarter Campaign

Posted by Anonymous Monday, April 28, 2014
The Oh, Hell Kickstarter Comic CampignIndie supporters, campaigns such as these come along far too infrequently. Those of you who keep up with the unending string of comic campaigns on Kickstarter probably already know something about this campaign, but for those of you who don't, Oh Hell is a one I've got my eye on. The concept is as unique as they come. Solid. Check it out.

The story: In a last-resort boarding school where parents send their hard-headed heathens to learn lessons they have apparently had a hard time understanding, Zoel, a young woman from an adoptive family (and a former dumpster baby), finds herself in situations much different from those she has generally dealt with in her short life. For instance, this new school her parents have enrolled her in is in hell. That's right, in hell.

Zoel has a bad attitude. She can be aggressive and wild, and she has no interest in taking flack from others. She is a bad girl, hence her presence in such a devilish place. The instructors aren't exactly typical teachers. It seems here in hell there may be the possibility that she will meet her match—or perhaps she will learn she isn't so bad.

The art is interesting, the story is fun and inventive, and the online comic has over a hundred full complete pages. Check out the page, check out the comic, and then scope the Kiskstarter campaign. It may be worth an investment. Let me know what you think downstairs! Indie?

Oh, Hell Free Variant Cover Art Preview First 100 Pages of Oh, Hell Free Link


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