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Marvel's Original Sin Exposed at Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo

Posted by Jeff Penner Sunday, April 27, 2014
The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) gave us some interesting revelations of Marvel's upcoming story Original Sin. Few of these events have been as impactful as 2006's Civil War in shaping the Marvel Universe, but they seem to have introduced at least a couple of interesting twists this time around.
Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo

It should be noted, and obvious, that beyond this point be SPOILERS, so proceed with caution.

Ye have been warned.

Original Sin I:
Angela Is the Sister of Thor and Loki

Created by Neil Gaiman and Todd McFarlane in the pages of Image Comics' Spawn series, Angela has been introduced to the Marvel Universe a regular character in The Guardians of the Galaxy. Her origin during her debut in Marvel's Age of Ultron event was her coming from a parallel universe. Now, she will be forever tied (pending any retcons…let's face it) to Asgardian mythology as the half-sister of Thor and Loki.

Original Sin II:
Peter Parker Wasn't the Only Radioactive Spider–Bite Victim.

Speaking of retcons, Peter not only let the spider that bit him get away but that little bugger was hungry. A second victim will be revealed as a woman called "Silk" and will somehow be Peter's original sin.

Original Sin III:
The Illuminati Will Answer to Steve Rogers.

The Illuminati are a relatively new group of heroes banding together, in secret, so their original sin is a little more recent. It was also already front and center in the comics: wiping Captain America's memories of them. During Original Sin, at some point, Steve Rogers will remember Dr. Strange wiping his memories.

Marvel's Original Sin Crossover 2014

Original Sin IV:
Captain America Let Hiroshima Happen.

The Invaders (Captain America, Namor, and friends) had the chance to end WWII without the nuclear bombs and didn’t take it. They will be forced to deal with the repercussions and, ironically, the idea behind the use of the bomb conveniently ties in with the reason Steve's memory was wiped in by Dr. Strange (above).

Original Sin V:
Tony Stark Helped Create The Hulk.

Tony will be revealed as somehow tied to the gamma bomb explosion that changed Bruce Banner's life forever. This could be Marvel's obvious attempt to mirror the movie universe again since fans are loving the brotherly love of Banner & Stark. This will have smaller ramifications. Tony must have a much more personal relationship with Rick Jones, for example, unless they retcon him out of being the first person to see Banner post-blast.

Original Sin VI+, Parents Edition:
- Nova (Sam Alexander) deals with the truth and revelation that his father is a murderer.
- Deadpool learns about his dead parents.
- Luke Cage's dad is revealed as a '70s superhero.

Marvel Comics Original Sin Comic Con 2014

Original Sin Extras: '=
- We learn why Sister Maggie left Matt Murdock's life.
- The Thing kills (or was responsible for the death of) The Human Torch.

Original Sin seems to be one big sweeping retcon in the guise of a murder mystery. Rather than giving small "One More Day"-style changes (sorry to bring it up), Marvel is smartly causing drama in the same way it did in Civil War. New characters, secrets, plus a whole lotta lies all add up to internal conflict, which Marvel seems to specialize in. These storylines may be hard to swallow at first, but they are ushering in a new age of adventures in every corner of the brand.

What do you think of some of these ideas? Will you be checking out the main story and all its crossovers? The main story on its own? Ignoring it altogether?

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