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Graeme Brown's The Pact Book Review

Posted by Anonymous Friday, April 11, 2014
Hey there, epic fantasy fans! All too often, the pages we read are filled with beauty and virtue, tainted by an enemy that expects to destroy all that is good. The world of man is made out to be magical. Unique races are, or may become, united. The fall of the enemy was foretold by an ancient prophecy. A hero is coming to save us all.

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The Pact, a high fantasy novella by Graeme Brown, tells a tale of angelic creatures. Beautiful goblins frolic in the fields; exotic ogres paint the daytime grasses with wondrous colors; and the unborn bask in the sun, radiant and stunning. But when the sun falls below the horizon, these creatures become fiends of the night, terrorizing men and women foolish enough to be in the vicinity.

Free Graeme Brown Art DownloadsThe book begins with a young boy of ten. All humans—including his family—have been forced into small areas that they inhabit and protect with their lives. Towns are spread to unfathable distances, thinning any human resistance yet further and children grow up behind walls. Aside from the walls, the only thing keeping people safe is a flimsy 200-year-old pact between humans and monsters. It's a pact that people are beginning to suspect the enemy would like to break soon, given the creatures' recent actions.

During the king's festivities one night, the king's knights march in wishing to break this pact and wage war on the enemy. So do other knights from afar. But one of the great wartime knights, feared by all, brings in evidence that the pact has already been broken. The time to wage war is upon us. The story opens up, following the children as they escape death and learn a little something about the outside world they have been protected from for so long. Will they become heroes, or won't they? Either way, they can't stay hidden from the dark and evil forces of the unborn forever.

This short novella was unique and fun. It's nice to follow fleeing children for a change in an epic fantasy, rather than a seasoned hero, or even an unlikely hero. It really changes things up. So, The Pact was a good story and definitely worth a read. Check it out and tell me what you think downstairs. Indie?

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