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British Actor Bob Hoskins Dies At Age 71

Posted by Fellonius Munch Wednesday, April 30, 2014
The classic British actor Bob Hoskins has died today, aged 71, following a bout of pneumonia!

The Long Good Friday actor Bob Hoskins dies of pneumonia aged 71 after being diagnosed with parkinson's disease

Easily one of England's most popular actors of the last few decades, he was critically acclaimed for performances such as crime thriller The Long Good Friday and also well-known for appearing in Pink Floyd's The Wall before going on to international success as Eddie Valiant in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and as Mario in an adaptation of the classic videogame Super Mario Bros. Hoskins appeared in many enjoyable films and never gave a bad performance throughout his entire career, beginning in 1972.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit actor Bob Hoskins died Wednesday 30th April aged 71

He chose to retire last year as a result of being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, the same neurological condition that affects Back to the Future star Michael J. Fox. Although concerned for his well-being, many of us believed that moment wouldn't have been the last we'd have seen of the lovable thespian.

Actor Bob Hoskins' worst acting experience was 1993's Super Mario Bros.

Retiring as a world-renowned, multiple-award-winning actor of over 40 years, Bob Hoskins not only leaves behind a legacy of great entertainment, he leaves behind armies of fans the world over and generations of performers who have him to thank for catching the acting bug. That isn't half bad for a former window cleaner and lorry driver. Thankfully for IMDb, however, we'll still have his wisdom at least:
When you get to my age, what you want is the cameo. You get paid a lot of money. You fly in for a couple of weeks. Everybody treats you like the crown jewels. It's all great and if the film turns out to be a load of shit, nobody blames you!
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