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Week in Geek: March 14th, 2014

Posted by Jeff Penner Thursday, March 20, 2014
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Nerdy current events in geek culture for this week


Pixar goes on a sequel bender!

My take: The Incredibles 2 is actually happening, and the part I can't get over is Brad Bird is signed on. Hopefully to direct! I trust Pixar, but I trust Brad Bird even more. Also, Cars 3 could be the best of the trilogy. I think Pixar learned a lot from part 2 about what people do and do not want from the series.

Star Wars VII timeline revealed.

My take: 30 years after the Battle of Endor, the destruction of the Death Star II, the death of Darth Vader…a lot happened in Return of the Jedi! I hope the original cast are not simply regulated to being the "advisors" to the new cast and that Luke, Han, Chewie, and Leia get into some action, despite their age(s).

Fantastic Four nonsense.

My take: If you read this weekly editorial regularly, you know I hate how the Internet cannot just spoil movies but completely derail them. I'm all for hearing news and getting sneak peeks and even spoilers, those I can control in some way to limit what I see. Yet when the whole story is about how a production is in chaos when it isn't? Or maybe it is? Just leave it be! It wouldn't be the first movie to go through a casting change or a script rewrite. No need to throw the entire production under the bus.

FINAL Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer.

My take: Thank god. They released the FINAL trailer before the film's premiere next month, but they've already shown so much footage, it has no effect. Most fans will watch this muttering "seen it, seen it, seen it, seen it." From teasers to featurettes, they showed way too much footage way too early. I'm not a marketing major, but I know when a movie will already be a blockbuster to not play all my cards so soon.


The Big Bang Theory renewed for 3 seasons.

My take: Although I am a fan of the show, I think the show has gotten lazy for the last several seasons. Whereas seasons 1–3 were pretty solid, as soon as the show became must-see-TV, they dropped the ball, using formulaic laughs and constantly using Sheldon's personality as a crutch. If the show is to remain on top, it needs to go back to its roots.

Veronica Mars movie download issues gets simple solution.

My take: This is TV, right? Movies? Whatever. Anyway, kickstarters who pledged $35+ to the Veronica Mars movie were promised a digital download through WB's Flixter that glitched on release day. The director, Rob Thomas, offered to reimburse fans the cost to download the movie on ANY platform. That, I say, is customer service.

Louie back on TV!

My take: I know this isn't "Fanboy" or nerdy stuff but Louie is a fantastic show. It comes back May 4th. Louie CK deserves every bit of attention he gets (I saw him live years ago, at a nice, small theater here in Vancouver, Canada, before he could sell out stadiums). He's taken a back seat to film and it's been nice, to be honest. He's not a megastar and should keep a low profile.


DC's Forever Evil #7 and Nightwing #30 pushed to end of May?

My take: What? What the hell, DC? I know monthly waits aren't new in the industry, but you have a lot riding on the outcome of these books. Your sales almost depend on them! The patience of your aging fan base must be waning as you depend more and more on "events" and multiverse-dependent stories.

Damian Wayne back from the dead?

My take: What? What the hell, DC? Make up your minds. I can't believe they would go back on such a decision. His existence alone raised enough questions about their "5 year rule," and now this is going to confuse the issue even further.

Palmiotti insists Harley Quinn is not Deadpool.

My take: Really, we all know it is. I like Palmiotti, but let's face it, his take on Harley Quinn is DC's answer to Marvel's Deadpool. I'm all for it, I'm just saying that denying it is silly.

Daredevil #1.

My take: I'm excited to see Daredevil take on San Francisco, so much brooding in Hell's Kitchen over the years has given him a hard frame to break out of. Waid's version leaves room for camp, humor, action, and good old-fashioned comic book "surprises." Comics can be fun! Daredevil is like Marvel's Spider-Man, not DC's Batman. Bendis and Brubaker had a great run, but I'm loving Waid's take.

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