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Week in Geek: March 12th, 2014

Posted by Jeff Penner Thursday, March 13, 2014
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Nerdy current events in geek culture for this week


Sony planning a Zorro reboot.

My take: I actually like westerns and old-school hero stories like Zorro. I liked the Antonio Banderas versions as well. They're completely dated now, so I'm all for a reboot.

Marvel heroes promotional teasers, clips, posters and more.

My take: I think I had to touch on this last week as well, but between Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 alone, I think I've seen enough footage to splice together an entire movie. True, many of the "new" clips contain footage we've already seen but do I need to keep seeing videos posted every other day? Look how excited people are for Guardians of the Galaxy having only seen one trailer!

Post-credit scenes spoilers!

My take: Okay, when there were commercials FOR commercials before the Super Bowl last month, I was okay with it. Now, we're seeing so much footage from upcoming movies it's getting a little overloaded. We're starting to get the post-credit sequences spoiled for us! I couldn't resist and now, if true, I know what the post-credit scenes are for both the Cap and Spidey sequels. Damn you, Internet.

Dr. Doom casting shortlisted.

My take: I don't care if Johnny Storm is black. I don't care if The Thing is brick red or orange or whatever. I could care less if Mr. Fantastic has silver accents in his hair…but the rumors a couple weeks ago about Doc Doom potentially being female had me flipping my lid. I hate to sound petty (and clearly I'm about to), but when Ultimate Dr. Doom first appeared with goat legs….I literally dropped the Ultimate Universe that week. I wish I were joking, but I'm not. My opinion was that if you need to do something that stupid to be "different," that's just annoying and I'm done. So, yeah, okay, fine. I'm petty.



My take: I have not played it yet but have watched footage and reviews that have me drooling. Have you played it yet? What console? Is it amazing or just awesomely amazing?


The Flash costume revealed.

My take: I went into detail in this article here but as Fanboy TV news goes, this was pretty big. Last week we got a tease of the cowl only, then we got a body shot, then we got photos from the set in broad daylight.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Final Season.

My take: Okay, so I've never seen The Clone Wars animated series. I saw one episode where four of the Stormtroopers were trapped in some facility with no backup and that's it. When the final season came up on Netflix I decided, "You know what? I'm going to watch this series start to finish". So, I started episode one, the pilot. The first introduction to the series. Holy crap I didn't last 12 minutes. Yoda gets chased (and I use the term "chased" very loosely) through a jungle, and his prize for surviving the night is an agreement with the Toydarians to not join the Empire? Between the horrible dialogue of those idiot droid foot soldiers and the Stormtroopers not understanding Yoda (when he made perfect sense to me) was extremely frustrating. If you know of a really good episode to start on, I'm all ears!

The Big Bang Theory renewed 3 more seasons.

My take: As sitcoms go, this is the only one I watch aside from Modern Family. I'm happy to see it renewed for an uncommon multi-season deal. Although the episodes have become hit-and-miss the past few years, the show has become "comfort food" to many and makes for great water cooler discussions. I know some people who loathe the show and its predictable pace, and I admit I do understand where they're coming from, but I say best of luck to the show that can only die when Leonard and Penny get married.


It's copyright lawsuit week! Let's start with He-Man!

My take: Writer Donald Glut tried to claim creator rights to the Masters of the Universe for work he was hired to write for the mini comics for Mattel back in 1981. The books were work-for-hire, and his claims were found to be false. This guy had nothing to stand on aside from hoping somebody somewhere would slip up. If you are work for hire, it sucks, sure. There are plenty of characters out there being used over and over that were created by writers who get no pay for their use. They're lucky to get a "Deadpool created by" or "Impulse created by" in the first page of the book, and they knew that going in. Maybe things were more confusing back then, but to have this lawsuit filed in 2013, he should have been advised against it by his clearly greedy lawyer.

…and we'll continue with Stan Lee Media Inc.!

My take: SLMI, no longer affiliated with Stan the Man Lee, is fighting Disney for the rights to Spider-Man and other Lee-created characters as well as Stan's likeness itself! I have to say, going up against Disney is a ballsy move for any company. Since the decisions and past court orders do seem to be a little muffled and unclear, it would be interesting to see if there is a buyout of some kind in this case.


Neil deGrasse Tyson, Seth McFarlane, and NOVA.

My take: I love that NOVA is back on the air and I really love that is has gotten as much attention as it has. I'm shocked the series premiered on Fox, but whatever works, works. Seth McFarlane had something to do with it, so kudos to him.

Barack Obama is just hilarious…?

My take: Obama's appearance on Between Two Ferns was clearly a bit of a setup. The dialogue was choppy and clearly scripted. Although I do like Obama's appearances in comedy sketches, I was under the impression this was something it wasn't.

Watch out for this segment each and every Wednesday. We'll see you next week!

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