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Tool's New Album in 2014 a Reality?

Posted by Eddie Siqueira Friday, March 7, 2014
Time to get the mantras going again. Genuine spiritual prog-rock band (or whichever category you see fit) Tool are "one hundred percent done" with their upcoming fifth album. I'm writing under the assumption that this isn't another April Fool's joke. The band has been notorious for pulling pranks, such as the time before the release of their last album 10,000 Days, when lead singer Maynard James Keenan took a hiatus from recording, claiming he found Jesus. Well, he did find a Jesus, but that's quite a spin on words.

Tool band Maynard James Keenan Adam Jones Justin Chancellor Danny Carey 10,000 Days
For those familiar with Tool, you have experienced some sort of emotional or intellectual orgasm upon reading this news. Hooray! If you are not familiar with Tool, just know that it is the "band that fell through the cracks" of the '90s alternative music hurricane. They've been dubbed industrial, alternative, progressive, and even grunge amid the Lollapalooza bands in the early '90s. The one sure thing, however, is that they never cared; when it's all about the music, the importance of category flies out the window in shameful irrelevance. Tool is its own category.

Now, back to the main event: There was a preshow VIP meet and greet in Portland, Oregon, on March 7 where a Tool  concert took place. A fan spoke to Adam Jones, Tool's guitarist, and on this occasion, Jones said the album should be available at the end of this year.

Have you ever waited for something for so long, and in the end, you got exactly what you were expecting, maybe more? That's what a Tool album is like. Their discography? Opiate (1992), Undertow (1993), ├ćnima (1996), Lateralus (2001), 10,000 Days (2006). These gaps have given us finely crafted, well-performed music. In this day and age, that gets scarcer by the hour. Go, Tool!

That's all folks! Now, here are two little gifts to make up for such a tiny bit of news. Comment on the Tool Madness chart! What is your favorite Tool song? I for one agree with "Lateralus."

Tool Downfall Adolf Hitler Maynard James Keenan Adam Jones Justin Chancellor Danny Carey Bruno Ganz

Tool band Maynard James Keenan Danny Carey Justin Chancellor Adam Jones

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