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The Westward Comic Campaign

Posted by Anonymous Sunday, March 2, 2014
If this campaign interests for no other reason, a search of the name "Ayn Rand" might at least settle the question: "Should I look into this comic or not?" Ayn Rand (Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum), the woman's voice that appears in the background of this particular comic campaign video, had very pronounced ideals and philosophies. In fact, her almost Spartan era philosophy involving politics, or the lack thereof, was considered brutish.

Tight Clothed Hot Steampunk Heroine, Penelope

The first video opens with Rand explaining the benefit of every man to use her philosophy while the pictures simultaneously narrate little visual hints about the plot of the comic. I found this video most interesting. Is the protagonist of this story in some way suffering from a handicap that causes him to have to work harder in order to achieve? If so, what is the nature of his handicap? What exactly should he overcome in order to be equally deserving of his share within the world?

Interestingly enough, after watching the second video, it becomes apparent that perhaps instead he is overly able to accomplish whatever tasks he may need to accomplish. In fact, per the comic page, his share was earned many times over by his own father. He was raised by the silver spoon, but now his body is a complicated and intricate machine. The only part of him that seemingly remains human after death is his brain. The rest of him, simply enough, is a robot. This man is less man and more machine, but the fact that he still has a working, wondering mind means that he is still human, or very least still thinks, acts, and still considers himself one. Such would be the mindset of a man's mind, whether it lived within or without the body.

From what I've gathered thus far, Victor is expected to accomplish some amount of work. As a man made from metal parts, I suspect he is also expected to act as though he is without a soul in some capacity, or perhaps this is more of a father/son quarrel. The feeling I get is that Victor has no interest in the contributions he is expected to make and, from the viewpoint of some characters, has every right do as he chooses, but according to those who rebuilt him he is considered something more of an extension of the company and thus has no more right than any other machine. I suspect this is the reason for the repeated depressing activist arguments being exercised in his defense.

Based on my own perspective from the outside looking in, and without having picked up the comic yet, my opinion is this: Ayn Rand tends to be someone from whom most modern people with any sense of heart run. In government, generally, the person being accused of Ayn Rand politics has the more difficult task of standing for a policy that opposes some sort of social benefit to the less fortunate, physically unable, mentally handicapped, etc. Given the towering shadow accompanying her name, my guess is the creator of this comic is making a statement about his character's sense of retaliation toward the everyday pressure of being more than a simple sitter. It pits the rich man in a position of having to fight for what's his in every sense—using his mind—because that's the only natural part he has left.

Cyborg Victor : Ayn Rand : Westward Protagonist This combination of story and philosophy beckoned me to read. Whether I agree with Rand's philosophies or not, this is an historic and well-known account of the woman herself. I believe this comic has much to do with her philosophy and, in the end, probably leaves little to interpretation. It's the melding of these mediums that artistically sets the foundation for possibly the greatest comic campaign I've seen yet, however unappreciated it may be.

There is a good chance that Victor is destined for greatness. There's also a good chance this comic is destined for greatness. See the Westward campaign or donate or check out the comic at the comic site, Achieve or die. Whatever else you do, remember, make sure you tell me what you think downstairs! Indie?

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