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The Batmobile for Batman vs. Superman is Ready to Roll!

Posted by Jeff Penner Wednesday, March 12, 2014
The exciting aspect of Batman vs. Superman is definitely the aesthetics surrounding the costumes and general "look" of the movie, however, don't forget about Batman's wonderful toys.
Batman vs Superman Tumbler
"Turbines to speed!"
Not only will the Batmobile feature heavily in Batman's next video game outing in Batman: Gotham Knight, it will also be featured in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel. According to a WB source, the build for the vehicle is "finished, but no one has seen it." That sounds like hyperbole, considering a project like that would never go forward without being overseen day and night.

Adam West Burt Ward Batman and Robin
Cassandra Salapatas-Metz, Warner Bros. assistant director of transportation, said Tuesday that plans for the vehicle (and its role in the film) are "all under wraps, as they say." A reporter then asked if the vehicle may make its premiere at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. She seemed a bit flustered, as if this was an ace up her sleeve she didn't think anyone would consider. She responded, "Well, I'm not at liberty to say, but I think you might have a point there. But I think…let's put it this way, it's been spoken of…so always possible. We're at the ready, us teamsters…we're ready to roll if need be."

The Batmobile is iconic and helps set the tone of any Batman movie. Personally, I was not expecting the design for the Tumbler from the Christopher Nolan-directed Batman Begins, but once I saw it, I just knew it was perfect. It showed me the realism they were going for and a car that looked like a tank, from Wayne Enterprises R&D, made perfect sense.
Batmobile the Tumbler from Wayne Enterprises

We can most likely expect them to stick with the classics: black on black, some kind of rocket in the back, some kind of "bat" design, overall. The Tumbler was the least bat-themed version in history so it might be nice to get back to the style without sacrificing the realism. Can we have it both ways? With high expectations for this film overall, what features do you hope this Batmobile includes, and more importantly, excludes? Tell us below!

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