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New Jersey Woman Sues Spike TV's Inkmaster

Posted by Chris Locs Wednesday, March 26, 2014
A little over 24 hours ago, a story broke involving a New Jersey woman who interned on Spike TV's Inkmaster, a program showcasing the talents of various tattoo artists. 25-year-old Nicoletta Robinson was responsible for driving judges Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck to the shoots, as well as typical on-set tasks expected of an intern.

Nicoletta was just getting her feet wet in the production industry with this job. She'd spent the last few years tending to her mother—who was recovering from brain surgery—and working as a nanny. During the ten days Ms. Robinson worked on the show, she was allegedly subjected to multiple sexual advances, as well as inappropriate comments, from Mr. Peck and Mr. Nunez. This included explicit questions about her sex life; having her seat belt strapped tightly around her breasts; and being poked, prodded, and made to feel like nothing more than an object.

If this wasn't enough to make you angry, when Ms. Robinson brought this behavior to the attention of the network, she was not met with assistance or sympathy. Instead, she was fired from the show. Nicoletta and her family and friends have not taken this situation lightly. Not only are they filing a suit against Nunez, Peck, and Spike TV itself, they're also rallying people through Facebook to raise awareness of what kind of things go on behind the scenes at Inkmaster.

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This Fanboy didn't even know what Inkmaster was until he was invited to join the Facebook group, which contains a laundry list of transgressions allegedly committed by Mr. Peck and Mr. Nunez. These include:
  • Peck and Nunez specifically requested female assistants.
  • Peck and Nunez repeatedly made unwelcome sexual advances against their employees.
  • Peck assaulted a female employee by grabbing her by the throat.
  • Nunez asked an employee about her menstruation in an abusive manner.
  • Nunez and Peck taunted their employees about the employees' experiences with fellatio.
  • Nunez asked an ill employee if she was pregnant, then insinuated that the baby belonged to Peck.
... the list goes on for a while.

Here is the link to the Facebook Page, please join and share it!

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