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Goat Simulator Launch Trailer Mocks Dead Island, and It's Fantastic!!

Posted by Mike Paden Saturday, March 29, 2014
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The Internet. A place of infinite possibilities, yet we instead choose to spend our time and energy on low-quality Flash games, all kinds of porn, and exploits of silly animals. Now, however, Coffee Stain Studios may have finally taken the cake on the wackiest endeavor I've seen with their new game Goat Simulator.

Sim-games are a unique genre. There's rarely any specific objective. You're given some tools, a world to play in, and left on your own to create fun. In this game you're a goat, and that's it. You're a goat left to act in any which way you please. Knock over a barbecue, run through traffic, or just graze in a field. It's all up to you!

To build hype for the release, Coffee Stain released this trailer, which is clearly a parody of the highly-beloved Dead Island debut trailer (watch first if you've never seen it!). The subtle piano juxtaposed with scenes of chaos and the reverse-video made popular by the original are reused to excellent comedic effect. Trailers are meant to excite you for an upcoming release, and this one has done just that!

The game is available for preorder right now on its official site for the very fair price of $10. It will be available through Steam on April 1.

Are you excited for Goat Simulator??
Goat Simulator Let's Play Full Game Beta
What animal would you want to see a sim for??

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