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First Look at CW's Grant Gustin in The Flash Costume

Posted by Jeff Penner Saturday, March 1, 2014
CW's The Flash begins filming early March 2014, and if this image gives any indication, it's going to be a good-looking show.

CW Arrow TV series spin off The Flash with Grant Gustin

The series is a direct spinoff from Arrow, the popular show highlighting the adventures of Green Arrow. Grant Gustin has appeared as Barry Allen, aka The Flash, and the characters will presumably cross over again in the future.

The costume, designed by Arrow's designer, Colleen Atwood, looks pretty slick. However, the promo image is of the cowl only, so we need to make some assumptions. What we can see is a pretty neat design. The Scarlet Speedster is a little darker than usual, but that was probably an obvious choice for live action. Bright colors do not a hero make. An important feature for many Flash fans is the chest emblem; will it be a 3-tier or a 4-tier lightning bolt? The ear piece hints toward a 3, and the chin holster suggests they have gone with the current New 52 design (which famously added the chin strap as well as a higher collar). In the comic books, the costume's boots are yellow, but in The Flash TV series from the '90s they were changed to red. The belt line is also a key feature. In the past, it has been a straight belt across the midsection broken off at the pelvis to end in a lightening bolt point on either end.
DC Comics live action Flash TV series film

Part of The Flash's canon has always been his costume's ability to appear from nowhere. Barry (and Wally West…ask your parents) kept the outfit stashed in a ring where it expanded once exposed to air. How they got it back in the ring, however, was never explained. This suit looks quite more solid, so I'm confident its origin will be unique to the series. In the '90s live-action version, the suit was an experimental frictionless design that a friend of Barry's had access to. This version looks to be leather, so I'll be looking forward to its history.

Does this design give you hope for the series? I'm a huge naysayer of most DC-related products lately, and even I'm admitting this suit looks pretty cool. I look forward to seeing a sleeker live-action version; John Wesley Shipp was pretty buff back in the day, and Gustin is a slim gentleman. A thin runner's body suits The Flash much better. Thoughts? Share them below!

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