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Fantastic Four and Wolverine Sequels Announced Through 2018

Posted by Jeff Penner Friday, March 21, 2014
The wake of success from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is rippling the waters not only at Warner Bros./DC Comics, but also now at Fox; the company now set a release date schedule for more Fantastic Four and Wolverine films, plus one more mystery project through 2018.

Fox Movie Schedule The Wolverine and Fantastic Four

Fox's sequel to the relatively well-received The Wolverine will come out March 3, 2017. Director James Mangold will return, as well as Hugh Jackman as Logan. The upcoming Fantastic Four reboot also has a sequel slated for July 2017, despite the fact that production on the first film hasn't even started yet. The project was also rumored last week to have been halted altogether, even possibly starting from scratch with a new script, director, and cast.

The final announcement was a Marvel properties project to come out July 13, 2018, the same summer as The Avengers 3. It looks like we have a wet, hot Marvel characters summer that year! The mystery project coming a year after these two Fox announcements could potentially be a crossover of these properties (Fantastic Four and X-Men). As long as films are being produced, many of the existing property rights contracts remain active, meaning these characters will be in the hands of Fox for years to come. Unless Fox, Sony, and Disney work out some kind of amazing, uncanny, and fantastic deal, any chance of seeing all of our heroes together could be decades away.

Thoughts? Do we have enough confidence in the Fantastic Four reboot that it not only deserves a sequel but potentially a crossover as well?

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