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YouTube Spotlight: Shadowlink4321 & LeeandLie

Posted by Wago Tuesday, February 11, 2014
Hey everyone, I'm back again with another YouTube Spotlight. Last time I covered musician Dan Bull; this time I'll be covering two other musicians on YouTube who work closely together. Shadowlink4321 (Daniel Alvarez) and LeeandLie (Amanda Lee) have gained popularity through doing covers of various anime theme songs, translating and making English adaptions. Both have developed a solid YouTube fan base and have only improved with each release.
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Shadowlink4321: Sometime during 2012 I was searching for the soundtrack of Ao No Exorcist; their opening songs were difficult to come by due to YouTube copyright’s policy, but I quickly stumbled across Shadowlink's cover of "ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D—In My World." After listening to the song I became intrigued and searched through his most popular covers, finding some amazing covers of Fullmetal Alchemist openings. In addition, Shadowlink does a series of fun videos on Smash Brothers Brawl hacks. With such a variety of content his channel is worth a look up!

LeeandLie: After becoming familiar with Shadowlink's work I eventually had videos of YouTuber “LeeandLie” suggested to me. At the time I had just finished the series Angel Beats and decided to give her cover of "My Song" by Girls Dead Monster a try. The English adaption was tremendous and reminded me of the final and powerful scenes of Masami Iwasawa from the Angel Beats anime. Following this I became a dedicated fan, much as I did with Shadowlink. In addition to her covers, she also has done some awesome voice acting work and has a whole bunch of untapped potential that I hope gets shared with the world.

In summary, both of them are very talented, with skills including voice acting, editing, and plenty of others. From my experience with their live streams they have shown to be genuinely awesome people, and I wish them all the success in the world. Make sure to hit their subscribe button and share their work with your friends and family! With that I'll leave you a cover they did together along with various other YouTubers of Attack on Titan's first opening.

Are you a fan of Shadowlink4321 and LeeandLie? Let me know in the comments below!

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