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Week in Geek: February 19th, 2014

Posted by Jeff Penner Wednesday, February 19, 2014
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Nerdy current events in geek culture for this week


Guardians of the Galaxy trailer hit the Internet.

My take: Why are you still here? Go watch it now! Ever since Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning graced the Marvel Universe with their take on their cosmic heroes back in 2008, this movie was imminent. If you want a true saga of humor and action, check out their series Nova and the Annihilation saga.

Robocop reboot.

My take: Finally saw this a couple of nights ago. A few friends on Facebook were posting that it "wasn't a total waste of time." I figured that's as good a review as it could get so I decided to check it out. I was expecting them to try something more epic than the original and I'm kind of glad they didn't. It was low-key and had the added bonus of Michael Keaton and Gary Oldman acting together (a mismatched Batman and Commissioner Gordon, it made me smile, okay?). Overall, I would be curious what they would do with a sequel.

The reveal of the bat suit for Batman vs. Superman pushed back a month.

My take: Why reveal it at all? You owe us nothing. Just make the movie. Push the reveal back indefinitely then surprise us with a teaser trailer instead. You are welcome, marketing department.


BioShock team disbands label.

My take: Irrational Games will be no more once a new DLC for Infinite comes out. After the popular Batman Arkham games moved companies, things were noticably different. I don't have high hopes for any BioShock fans in the future. Lower those expectations now.


Star Wars REBELS details coming out slowly.

My take: With toy releases and character biographies coming out, the marketing for this show is extremely slow burning and sub-par for now. The only exciting thing I have seen is some "original trilogy"-style designs for some ships and walkers. Happy to see they aren't trying to reinvent the wheel for a change.

If The Flash doesn't take off, there is a plan B.

My take: Keeping Barry Allen in Arrow if his own series doesn't take off sounds like a financial and critical nightmare. Executive Producer of both shows intends to keep the character around no matter what. Every special effect must cost a fortune and they'll keep it as minimum as they can. As boring as Barry is, imagine if they have no funds to have him in costume? No super speed?


Jason Aaron closing Wolverine and the X-Men.

My take: I'm not a huge X-fan but this book was very accessible and entertaining. Hopefully he can carry that same feel to the Amazing title.

DC solicits yet another "What if..."-type storyline.

My take: DC is really driving me mad with their need to rely on alternate dimensions and "what if" storylines. The intent of The New 52 was to start fresh and get new readership invested in the characters. The only way these kinds of stories work is if you know the characters so well, it's exciting to see them taken out of their element.

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