The Walking Dead TV Series' Governor Visits Liverpool Hometown for Comic Store Charity Fundraiser | Fanboys Anonymous
Saturday, February 22, in Liverpool, England, local fans of AMC's The Walking Dead were in for a real treat as The Governor himself, actor David Morrisey, dropped into Forbidden Planet to sign books for a charity fundraising event!

AMC's The Walking Dead Governor David Morrissey charity fundraiser with comic store Forbidden Planet
"Well, that went swimmingly..."
Actor, director, producer, and screenwriter Morrissey is a native of our northwestern city, born, raised and finding his dramatic roots in Liverpool. To be a Walking Dead fan from Liverpool is a huge reason to be proud of Morrissey, so fans were keen to make the Guv feel at home.

One such fellow Scouser was local doorman Delroy Naif, who had to attend Forbidden Planet alone, although his girlfriend had been looking forward to meeting her idol. So Del paid to meet Woodbury's finest one-eyed psycho in honor of his lady and found Morrissey to be what we call an absolute legend.

Walking Dead Governor signing charity with fans
Governor David Morrissey with fan Delroy Naif.
Morrissey was more than obliging to engage in conversation with Del, just as he did with the excited little boy before him, and not because Del's a doorman and knows how to manhandle people. He also took a photo with Del to take home to his lady and engaged in conversation about what exactly brought him back home.

Proving that the man behind the now-deceased Governor, the best thing to happen to The Walking Dead since sliced walkers (nudge-nudge wink-wink), is as far removed from the tyrant as you could imagine, Morrissey is back home on a fundraising mission to provide a minibus for the Friends of the Observatory School, a project dedicated to raising funds for activities to broaden the horizons of children with special needs such as disabilities, social adversities, and emotional and behavioral problems.

Forbidden Planet comic store backed charity photo of David Morrissey AMC's The Walking Dead's governor

Meanwhile (previously on AMC's The Walking Dead), the rest of Woodbury dies on a schoolbus…uncanny! Cue us a song!

Sound off, Fanboys and Fangirls! How awesome was this? Check the link on Friends of the Observatory School. It's a huge deal. What's easier and more fun than meeting your heroes for a small charitable fee? Comments below and thanks for reading.

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