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Star Wars Novelist Aaron Allston Passed Away at 53

Posted by Unknown Friday, February 28, 2014
Aaron Allston, the author of thirteen Star Wars novels and several short stories, passed away on February 27, confirmed.

RIP Aaron Allston Star Wars writer
Photo via 501st Legion

Allston suffered from an apparent heart failure and collapsed at VisionCon in Springfield, MO, on Thursday and died later that day at the age of 53.

The news first came from game designer Sean Patrick Fannon, who said on his Facebook, "It is my devastatingly sad duty to announce I've just gotten confirmation. Aaron Allston passed away tonight, after collapsing at VisionCon. Apparent cause of death is massive heart failure."

In early 2009, Allston had a heart attack and underwent emergency quadruple bypass surgery, according to StarWarsblog.

The Texan sci-fi and fantasy novelist was better known for his contributions to the Star Wars expanded universe in his novels, contributing four books in the X-Wing series, two books in The New Jedi Order series, and three books in both the Legacy of the Force series and Fate of the Jedi series. His last Star Wars novel, X-Wing: Mercy Kill was released in 2012.

He began his career in the early '80s when he was hired by game designer and publisher Steve Jackson as a circulation manager and then editor for Space Gamer magazine before going on to design game supplements for Steve Jackson Games, Hero Games, and Dungeons and Dragons.

The 501st Legion posted on their Facebook page:
It is truly a sad day for #StarWars fandom as author Aaron Allston has passed away. Aaron's work influenced many realms, but it was his Wraith Squadron novels which led to his induction as one of the original three #501st Honorary Members in 2002. His humor in the midst of his medical difficulties was an inspiration to everyone around him, including fellow authors Mike Stackpole and Timothy Zahn. 
Ever a friend to the fan community, Aaron's commitment to writing extended beyond his own work, and his loud shirts and sharp wit will be missed in the writing groups he passionately supported. 
There's a gray-striped X-wing waiting in the hangar for you, Aaron. Clear skies.
Allston's contributions to the Star Wars franchise has inspired many and will be greatly missed.

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