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Square Enix's Thief Video Game Overview

Posted by Unknown Thursday, February 13, 2014
Set to release on February 25, 2014, Square Enix's game Thief has been highly anticipated since its unveiling on May 11, 2009. Set in what is widely known as a Steampunk era, "The City" is a dilapidated center of trade as well as corruption. You are Garrett, a master thief stuck between the mutinous cries of the city's plague-infected denizens and the greed of the aristocratic class. Using the chaotic nature of the city to your advantage, your number one objective is stealing everything worth selling. Your second objective is to avoid being caught, and as a strategic game play bonus, killing or stunning your opponents is up to you.

Thief Game 2014 Overview Review

As far as tools go, your bow and arrows are your most effective and versatile, and you carry a blackjack for close encounters. Your bow and arrows may be used for any number of things, such as direct killing, environmental killing, or changing the environment to suit your needs, while your blackjack is a small melee device used for knocking out opponents for nonlethal take downs.

Black Jack Garrett Thief 2014 Game

Possibly one of the most exciting segments of this game is the ability to buy upgrades for your arrows. There are many different attachments to fit any need, such as an arrow with a water-filled head for extinguishing fire, an attached rope for climbing, and a gas-emitting tip for quick escapes.
bow water arrow thief 2014 game
Water-tipped bow to extinguish flame
Thief looks like a great game for any combination of players, from the stealthy shadow to the killing machine. I really can't wait to play this game! Tell me what you think! Is Thief the next hot game for stealth lovers?

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