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Sir Patrick Stewart Wrongly Outed as Gay After Ellen Page LGBT Speech

Posted by Fellonius Munch Friday, February 21, 2014
Probably because it was a slow week for news other than the weather, Sir Patrick Stewart was incorrectly outed as gay by British newspaper The Guardian after he congratulated Ellen Page on her speech at the LGBT human rights convention last weekend!

Classical actor Sir Patrick Stewart outed for congratulating Ellen Page's LGBT speech
Sir Patrick Stewart comes out... of the bath!
The legendary actor of theater, television, and film, who became a domestic name in the late '80s with Star Trek: The Next Generation, was glad to take to Twitter to explain himself:

Star Trek and X-Men star Sir Patrick Stewart outed as gay by The Guardian newspaper
And they prove their masculinity with drunken one-armed pushups.
Sir Patrick Stewart's fantastic reaction toward The Guardian's random assumption continued with him stating that it was a nice change from people assuming he was dead, AGAIN! After all, I suppose it's an easy mistake to make when investigative journalism comes down to pulling an educated guess out of your arse.

Stewart is a strong advocate for human rights, aside from being the coolest knight in the kingdom. The fact that he's been outed as gay because he hangs out with fellow actors—such as his best friend, the sometimes Liberace-level gay Sir Ian McKellen (the coolest knight in gaydom?)—and believes in equality for LGBT people doesn't mean that he married his wife last September for shits and giggles.

His final tweet on the matter put the icing on the cake...
The Guardian later corrected their mistake but did not confirm whether they were indeed mistaking Stewart with McKellen, who is openly gay, or just blindly fumbling for skeletons around their own closet.

X-Men stars sexuality brought into question by British newspaper The Guardian
Muppet sandwich action with Stewart & McKellen (sounds like a TV special).
Sound off, Fanboys! Not that we needed to clarify Sir Patrick Stewart's awesomeness anymore, but what do you make of this "mistake?" Comments below and thanks again for reading.

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