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Cosplay Spotlight: Sara Moni

Posted by Anthony Mango Saturday, February 8, 2014
Fanboys Anonymous is here once again to shed some spotlight on another member of the geek culture movement, this time focusing on the cosplay side of things with our showcased individual: Sara Moni.

Q: "What got you interested in cosplay in the first place?"

A: I always love dressing up and since I never celebrated Halloween, cosplay was the next best thing!

Q: "How long have you been cosplaying?"

A: Seriously since 2010
Sara Moni Cosplay Storm Film Universe Costume Design Costume Jim Lee Storm Design Cosplay Sara Moni
Q: "What was the first event you ever went to and what did you dress up as?"

A: I dressed up as my own psychedelic version of Alice, and I went to a party my family was having that was Mad Hatter themed.

Q: "How much time usually goes into making your costumes?"

A: Anywhere from two or three days to two or three weeks.

Sara Moni Cosplay Ultimate Was Costume Janet Van Dyne Sara Moni Cosplay Polaris X-Factor Costume

Q: "What has been your biggest challenge participating in the cosplay community?"

A: Money! LOL there are always going to be limitations with cost and travel.

Q: "What are some of your favorite things that you enjoy most about cosplaying?"

A: Bringing life to some of my favorite characters and doing the costume justice for other people who are fans of the character.

Q: "If you had to pick, what has been your favorite costume you've made so far?"

A: Sailor Pluto

Sara Moni Sailor Moon Costume Sailor Pluto Cosplay Pocahontas Sara Moni Cosplay Disney Costumes

Q: "What advice or tips do you have for people who may want to get into cosplaying?"

A: Think about characters you love. Don't be afraid to do your own variation if canon is too difficult. Have fun and meet friends that share your fandoms!

Q: "Do you have any upcoming cosplays that you're working on right now or looking forward to doing in the future that we can look forward to as well?"

A: I am going to debut my first sci-fi costume, my first Zelda costume, and I am rebuilding my wood elf for Renaissance fair!

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