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Persona 5: What Should Atlus Do?

Posted by Unknown Monday, February 10, 2014
Persona 5 was recently announced back in late November of last year,. Now that some time has passed, I want to give my top five things I want to see in the much-anticipated sequel to my favorite series of all time. So with that said, here we go!

Download leaked version of Persona 5 here.
#5: A Completely New Cast of Characters

Something that Atlus is getting into the habit of doing is making playable characters from previous games come back and play vital roles in the storyline (Persona 4 Arena and the recently announced Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth).

For these games, I find it okay for the characters of Persona 3 to show up and add to the game, since Arena is a fighting game where they need more characters to choose from, instead of the traditional RPG/dungeon crawler that the series is known for. But for a new installment in the main series instead of a spinoff, they need to establish new characters to build a new storyline off of. So keep any characters from any previous Persona game as far away from this one as possible... unless it's a cameo. I am cool with that.

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#4: Make the Social Links Affect the Overall Outcome of the Game

Something that has always bugged me about Persona 3 and 4 was that the Social Link system does not change the outcome of the story. Why do it this way?

Implementing this change can alter dialogue during cutscenes within the game, or can play an even bigger role and help change the outcome of the game. This would make it even more important to pick the right choices and actually doing the social links itself.

#3: Make Intimate Relationships More Challenging to Obtain

Look, the game is set in a school environment, and there is nothing that screams "Do Me!" more than an intimate relationship with an individual of the opposite/same sex.

In previous Persona games, it was very easy to get into a relationship with another person. I found this very annoying, as I have never once in my life seen anyone have this much success with the ladies. Come on, Atlus, I want a challenge! Nothing in high school is easy, so why make it as easy as it looks?

download persona 4 here

#2: Same-Sex Relationships

If the setting takes place in a high school, it should be a time for experimenting. They played around with this in Persona 4, but they never really said if Kanji was gay or if you could date him; they left that up for the player to decide.

With that said, let's just break down the social barriers on this one and let the same-sex relationships begin.

Download the whole Persona 4 the Animation series

#1: No More Silent Protagonist
download Persona 3 and 4 here
Now, I know that thus has been a staple with most Atlus games, but I feel like there is so much you can do with a protagonist that can actually express their feelings. With dialogue options, you can make your protagonist's personality, a lot like what Atlus did with Catherine. The characters around you can treat you in a wholly different way because of the decisions you make. This makes your experience with the game a personal one, whether you are basing the character on yourself or picking random choices to see what happens.

What are some of the things you want to see in the upcoming Persona 5? Let us at Fanboys Anonymous know by commenting in the comment section below.

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