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Muppeteer John Henson Has Passed Away

Posted by 21stCenturyHeretic Sunday, February 16, 2014
It is with great shock and sadness that Fanboys Anonymous reports the death of John Henson, the puppeteer son of legendary Muppets creator Jim Henson!

Jim Henson Company boss John Henson aka Sweetums died of a heart attack valentines day 2014

Henson, aged 48, reportedly died this Friday, February 14th, following a massive sudden heart attack while at home. He leaves behind two daughters, Katrina and Sydney, and his wife Gyongyi.

Jim Henson Company's John Henson in the 1990's with Muppet Kermit

The sad news comes as a shock, despite the fact that John's father Jim—creator and founder of the Jim Henson Company, also credited with creating the characters of Sesame Street—died in 1990 at the relatively young age of 53. John, who played the ogre Sweetums from the late '80s to 2005, also went on to become a board member and shareholder of the Jim Henson Company, keeping the business in the family.

John Henson, son of Muppets creator Jim Henson with the Muppets at Disney World

We wish John's family and friends all the best in this difficult time. John, of course, led a good life and was blessed with a father like Jim, and that's something to appreciate in spite of this huge loss. And for our devoted readers, we would like to send Mr. Henson on his merry way with a fond memory. Thank you for our childhoods!

Sound off, fanboys! What else can we say in the wake of this sad news? Comments below, and thanks for reading.

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