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Marvel Universe's Darkest Secrets Revealed in Original Sin

Posted by Fellonius Munch Sunday, February 23, 2014
Drop your linen and stop your grinnin', fanboys, this year Marvel is bringing a summer crossover event that promises to blow your minds all over the walls!

The truth behind Captain America's history. A "forgotten" Spider-man. These are just a couple of things teased so far in the uncovering of Marvel's Original Sin. This latest storyline is being brought to us by prolific Marvel writer Jason Aaron, who begins his epic tale with the shocking murder of the Watcher—the mysterious alien being that has been monitoring activity on and around Earth for longer than I can remember.

Captain America Steve Rogers and the Avengers answer the call in Marvel's new main story arc crossover Original Sin

How the story is being pitched so far: As seen above, the Watcher is found dead on Earth's moon. His eyes are gone and nobody quite knows what that means at first. But what it does mean is that whoever has his eyes holds all the secrets to everything the Watcher has ever seen. You know the drama of Marvel heroes behind their public images. This could be catastrophic to some, potentially Captain America above all.

Executive Editor Tom Brevoort cleverly added:
This guy knows where bodies are buried [that] we didn't even know were buried. Captain America will also learn that somebody close to him has tampered with his memories, with his mind. Readers will also learn that somebody else was bitten by the same radioactive spider that led to the origin of Spidey.
So, I'm massively intrigued right now. After the events of Infinity last year, we were left with a sense of foreboding dread. Discovering that the Earth's time was now extremely limited, that the universe itself was on borrowed time, all gives Original Sin the potential to be essential Marvel reading, leaving us wondering if we're headed for some serious heartbreak in the near future.
Marvel's Original Sin reveals a forgotten Spider-Man
"Not Deadpool... anyone but Deadpool..."
Marvel's Original Sin will be released this May with a prologue in April, and more news hopefully to follow before then. So sound off, fanboys! Who's excited for this? Who do you think our Secret Spidey is? Comments below, and thanks for reading.

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