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Indie Comic Campaigns Feb Week 3 Unique Picks

Posted by Anonymous Tuesday, February 18, 2014
As a throwback to indie comic creators, I try to drive traffic to various campaigns I like. I think it's important to be the best catalyst I possibly can. It isn't always effective; Tweeting can only do so much, and Facebook posts get lost among the millions of ridiculous ten-second funny posts my dad and others post to everyone in their Friends lists. On social sites like Pinterest, one post is practically a drop in an infinite ocean. As a big supporter of indie campaigns, especially one with the special privilege of being a contributor on a platform such as Fanboys Anonymous, I intend to shine the spotlight on more unique comic book creators and creations.

Art Stefano Cardoselli Blood and Gore

Stefano Cardoselli's comic sketch art book isn't a comic campaign per se, but this is an artist who is already established in the comic book world. His published works appear in comics from Devil's Due Publications to Marvel and for good reason: His art is impeccable, and he's no fan of the average. His best art is a blood, gore, and monstrosities art, but he also has carved his name into the worlds of the the mainstream superhero comics we are used to reading.

This campaign is one for which I have high hopes, simply because I'd like to own the personal sketches of such a prominent comic book artist. Generally, my comic book sketch art pieces have two qualifying factors: They have to be TMNT, or they have to be dark/unique. If it's drawn by Stefano Cardoselli, it's bound to be dark and unique. Scope his campaign to see what I mean, then check out his art work online.

Mystic Tales

Mystic Tales immediately jumped out at me as a comic that was well put together, even if the campaign didn't exactly elaborate on the theme, thus causing the original campaign to fail. The art is hard not to enjoy. The funny thing is that, at first, it jumped out at me as a fantasy comic because of the way it was pitched, but then I recently stumbled across the second campaign and my understanding of the work was entirely refreshed.

Mystic Tales Free Comic Download
Mystic Tales is a very emperors and dukes kind of comic. What didn't originally translate for me and others was the fact that it's not only a fantasy comic but also a sci-fi space opera about a prince turned fugitive and a slave turned free man. They work together to develop a team that combats evil in the galaxy of Ga-ley.

The art alone is extremely beautiful and, in my opinion, should have attracted a fair amount of attention. Whatever else was lost in translation and for whatever other reason the campaign wasn't supported, I don't know, but it's a comic I'd like to get my hands on one of these days. The second video below will let you in on what the campaign's really about. Check them out and compare.

The second video (for the second campaign) made a way bigger impression on me and probably on anyone willing to donate. As it stands, the project isn't funded, but it definitely must have a way better chance.


Free Comics Diskordia Download
Being the weirdo that I am, I really tend to enjoy the "through the rabbit hole" types of comics, books, and movies. From the insane fiction in Twilight Zone to the wild, distorted adventures of Finn and Jake, the sideways, science fiction ridiculousness of Pseudoverse to the cartoon dimension of Roger Rabbit, not-so-average titles like Diskordia live in the wacky holes in our heads.

This campaign has a very Tim Burton and Alice in Wonderland meet Being John Malkovich feel to it. The comic appears to take place in a fantasy world, or several fantasy worlds, where the main character is stripped of the security of universal physics and reality. Whether these worlds, or fantasies, are the creation of a powerful mind or an indication that the reality we know is actually far more messy than we ever thought, the ride promises to be a fun one. Scope the campaign. You're sure to like it.

Skin the Kat

Michael Myers In The Making - Dead Animals What I like about the Skin the Kat graphic novel comic campaign are it's antisocial characters and story line. It follows a young man who, along with his friend, collects dead animals and animal parts—a couple of Michael Myers in the making. Suddenly, when an attractive young woman lures the attention of the main character in this story, it sets a fire of jealousy. This comic novel is definitely going to be different; perhaps it won't be for everyone, but it seemed so out there that I felt it deserved a mention. The video is short, the pitch is fun, and the content is eerily dark.

Through the Dust of Empyrean

Cheap Through The Dust Of Empyrean Art Downloads
The overall theme of this comic is about as unique as they get. It's set in a kingdom between space and time referred to as The Empyrean. This place is exclusive: Only the dead can get in, but that is only the first qualification. Certain eccentrics, talents, or preferred personalities are drafted into this afterlife for as-yet-undefined reasons.

In this place, each faith and its gods are created by a council. Why? Perhaps we'll soon know. Surely it has something to do with furthering someone's end. There are many rulers of this dimension, just as there were in the last. Also just like the last dimension, it's these drafted persons who will use their new assignment in The Empyrean to conquer and command in death, creating and destroying kingdoms. The assignment of some to the position of God on Earth appears to be a move that may easily cause inside wars. Even after dying, it would appear, life is only lived at the whim of the brutes still yet.

The comic art is wild, zany, and exaggerated—very sharply cut with anime-like detail. The story is excellent and certainly different. I have yet to see the works, but I'm looking forward to them for certain. Check it out and don't forget to let me know what you think downstairs. Indie?


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