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George Zimmerman to Fight in Celebrity Boxing Match

Posted by Fellonius Munch Thursday, February 6, 2014
Just when you thought that celebrity entertainment couldn't get any more desperate, just when you thought that there were no more half-arsed "celebrities" left to exploit—you'd be right!

Ring promoter Damon Feldman has confirmed that George Zimmerman will fight DMX in what is being billed as a "celebrity" boxing match. You will know George Zimmerman as the former neighborhood watchman who escaped a guilty verdict for second-degree murderlast year for the shooting of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin in Florida in February 2012.

Killer of Trayvon Martin Sanford Florida neighbourhood watchman George Zimmerman classed as a celebrity
Zimmerman, who made a call to the police reporting possible criminal activity while profiling Martin, was told not to follow the suspect. Shortly after the call, Martin had been shot dead in what Zimmerman claimed was an act of self-defense when his choice to apprehend Martin let to a violent confrontation. The event, lengthy trial, and the outcome sparked outrage across the United States. He was also arrested later in 2013 for attacking his girlfriend at their home and was noted for his racist views and violent past during the Martin trial.

His opponent in this boxing match is not the only one who hates Zimmerman's guts, but despite his longtime tough guy image, DMX hardly looks fit to box a broccoli fart. With a string of offenses such as possession of weed, dangerous driving, DUIs, animal cruelty, and more, his last stint in prison saw him moved to a mental health unit with an "undisclosed mental disorder."

ex convict gangsta rapper and film star DMX challenged to fight Trayvon Martin killer George Zimmerman in celebrity grudge boxing match
Celebrity or not, you don't contract a black ex-convict gangsta rapper with mental problems into a boxing match with the defendant of one of the most debatable and notorious trials of the modern day. It isn't just goading people whose hate for each other runs deep to pick a side and scream for blood, it's surely going to incite dangerous racist behavior after one side is left hugely embarrassed with his face rubbed right in it.

How is that entertainment? How, in Barack Obama's United States? How is this even honoring Trayvon Martin? It isn't, it never could. This match is virtually in Zimmerman's hands. DMX is the challenged, not the challenger. Considering that Feldman has been charged with fixing celebrity matches before, and also for promoting unlicensed matches, this couldn't just go either way. This has so many different ways it could go badly wrong. If it is fixed, and it goes horribly wrong, then what?

The match originally came about when rapper The Game challenged Zimmerman. Although Feldman told The Game that he'd have a fight on his hands because Zimmerman had been training hard, The Game laughed it off. Not long after, Zimmerman dropped out and decided he wanted to fight DMX instead.

Promoter Feldman has also stated that all of Zimmerman's proceedings from this match will go to charity. That is not going to make everybody who still thinks he's guilty have a sudden change of heart and say to themselves, well hey, he's not such a bad guy after all, but dropping The Game for DMX tells me that he really wants to win, because take a look at the bulky Zimmerman compared with the wasted and vacant-looking 43-year-old rapper.

George Zimmerman and DMX celebrity boxing match causes Twitter outrage

George Zimmerman's "celebrity" boxing match against DMX will be aired both online and on pay-per-view on March 1st, subject to change (or cancellation).

Sound off, Fanboys! What are your views on this? Do you think people are taking it seriously or not serious enough? Should this match be boycotted? Comments below and thanks for reading!

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