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Dying Light: The Next Generation Zombie Survival Game

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Dying Light is a breath of fresh air for zombie games, releasing for the latest consoles, PC, and the Xbox 360 and PS3 for those who haven't caught the new console craze yet. Ever since the zombie trend started, games, movies, and books on the subject have been sold everywhere, and it really seemed to get old. Dying Light is a new first-person zombie game produced by Warner Bros Games and Techland that gives a renewed look to the "zombie survival" genre with a lot of new interactive features and incredibly smooth game play.
Dying Light game play map open world
The game's open world looks dauntingly exciting!
One of the first outstanding features you see in the pre-alpha footage below is that this is an open world game. Along with the free roaming that every gamer loves comes the parkour that inspires us to find the shortest possible route to our destination. Another great feature is the ability to craft weapons from the supplies you scavenge.

One of the most intriguing game play aspects is night survival. Scavenging during the day is must to survive, but stay out too long, and the night will fall. Then you're the hunted. Now transformed into something stronger, faster, and more alert, the zombies hunt with extreme vigor. You will be hard pressed to survive.

With a huge variety of short- and long-range weapons, along with the ability to craft and change them, fierce and interactive combat is guaranteed.

So far, this game definitely seems to be for serious gamers looking for a thrill ride of an experience. During quests or active objectives, the player seems to be left on his or her own en route. While able to change the environment to fit your transportation needs, you aren't babied. No shiny objects or hints reduce the quality of game play, and this encourages you to find your own unique way to the destination. Without a doubt, I think that this is might set the bar higher and start a whole new generation of zombie games. It may also set a precedence for future open-world survival games.

What do you think? Can Dying Light be the new standard for this popular a genre?

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