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Danny Trejo Teases Machete Kills Again...In Space

Posted by Fellonius Munch Tuesday, February 4, 2014
Before we get onto my more professional Internet searching habits, I'd like to point out that Danny Trejo wasn't literally in space when he tweeted the following:
Because whenever Danny Trejo tries to disguise a hint like he's just shooting the breeze, or whatever, my Fanboy senses tingle, and naturally, I must then go in search of evidence to suggest that Machete Kills Again…In Space really is in development right now as we speak!

Danny Trejo Machete Kills Again In Space lightsabre machete

Of course, we know that the trailer at the end of Machete Kills was just a mock trailer, but then so was the Grindhouse trailer for Machete, and so was the trailer for Machete Kills at the end of Machete. Both director Robert Rodriguez and Danny Trejo must be doing the longest happy dance in history since Machete became a reality in 2010. Trejo especially.

The Mexican (as opposed to Mexican't) has been one of the most consistent hardworking character actors and "rent-a-villains" in film since featuring as a prison convict boxer in the 1984 Eric Roberts/Jon Voight escape film Runaway Train. To prove this, he's died more than Sean Bean!

Young Sean Bean crying
"That was my only trophy..."
Random Fact: Trejo got the small acting part in Runaway Train as a prison inmate in a boxing match after he was singled out on the spot for his mean looks. The director asked if he had boxing experience, and he answered that he used to fight in boxing matches when he was a prison inmate. 

To further prove this, even though he's reaching the ripe young age of 70 this May, he's billed to appear in an astounding TWENTY SIX movies in 2014, including Muppets Most Wanted. Not one of those includes the Machete Kills sequel, though, so hold onto your pants for a bit.

Resident Evil and fast & Furious hot actress Michelle Rodriguez boobs in tight leather
Or Michelle Rodriguez's pants. Your choice!
I also wanted to use this news as an opportunity to hail Trejo as this decade's Greatest American Badass (born in California, so suck it, purists). He has slugged it out for over three decades and reached amazing popularity with even the smallest appearances in film and television.

He may eternally thank Robert Rodriguez for getting him the credit he deserves with From Dusk Till Dawn and Desperado. His character, Machete, even came from the Sin City director's family movie Spy Kids. But it wasn't just his hardcore asskicker roles that got him so much love and adoration as a real-life ex-convict. Even comedy roles in the Jake Gyllenhaal road movie Bubble Boy helped to cement his reputation.

Random Fact: Twenty years before Steven Seagal played the lead villain in Machete, Danny played Seagal's first punchbag/victim, Hector, in Marked for Death.

Danny Trejo endorses international mexican food brand Old El Paso
Danny Trejo: A Household Name
Fast-forward all these years, and Danny Trejo has lent his talents to Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Burn Notice, King of the Hill, The Young and the Restless, NCIS: Los Angeles…need to let my fingers rest for a bit. Case closed, Danny Trejo is one of America's most wanted, only this time he's not getting arrested for it. We love him, we can't get enough, and we cannot wait a whole year for Machete Kills Again…In Space, starring:

I just want this to happen so our favorite Mexican federale gets to blow the shit out of android Justin Bieber. This film has to happen. Why? Well, what makes Machete so awesome? Take a look at how deliberately bad these films are. It's Danny Trejo that makes them awesome, and not just any awesome, but the kind that most cult classic filmmakers and actors only dream of.

Saying that, Rodriguez also hinted that he'd like to make a Carlos Estevez Mr. President spinoff, which would immediately become the best thing Charlie Sheen ever did!

Sound off, Fanboys! Am I right? What's your favourite Trejo movie/appearance? Do you think Machete Kills Again…In Space could be the greatest yet? Comments below and thanks for reading.

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