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YouTube Spotlight: Dan Bull aka Douglby

Posted by Wago Monday, January 6, 2014
Hey everyone, it's Stephen Wago back again. For the most part, I normally stick to podcasts and articles with regard to anime. However, I'm going to tread a little onto the Dace Man's territory and introduce you to one of my favorite YouTubers in this edition of YouTube Spotlight.

watch Dan Bull Douglby rap videos on youtube
Dan Bull rapping about DLC already on the disc.
The YouTube channel Douglby is home to an independent rap musician known as Dan Bull. He covers a large variety of topics on his channel, including politics, social media, and hot topics in the news, but he mostly focuses on video games. Throughout his time on YouTube he's gained himself 400,000 subscribers. Most of his popularity stems from his "Skyrim Epic Rap" video.

That said, the reason I put him on the YouTube Spotlight is because, in my eyes, he is truly deserving of more. He releases high-quality content on a regular basis with his music videos, which is reason enough to warrant more attention. However, in addition, Bull also shines the spotlight on many other YouTubers in a segment he calls the "Love Bomb."

Through his video logs and the lyrics to his music, it's very easy to become emotionally invested in and appreciate Dan Bull and to see that he's a genuinely nice guy. Plus he truly sends out a great message as someone who has autism and other ailments yet has been able to accomplish many awesome things.

So with that, I ask you to dive in to the ill mind of Dan Bull.

What do you think about Dan Bull? Are there any YouTubers who you think deserve the spotlight? As always, you can catch me on Addicted to Anime; our next broadcast is scheduled for January 12 at 8PM EST on Mega Powers Radio. I'll be covering Sword Art Online, along with my wife Johnna. Otherwise, you can catch me every Tuesday at 10pm EST for Unanimous Decision MMA on Dream Elite Radio.

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