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Woo-hoo! FX Networks Will Start Streaming The Simpsons On the Go

Posted by Unknown Friday, January 17, 2014
Starting in August, twenty-four seasons of The Simpsons will legally be streamed via the FXNOW app to anyone who is an FX subscriber.

FXNOW app will begin streaming The Simpsons
According to The Hollywood Reporter, FX Networks will begin streaming 530 episodes of the iconic longest-running American series on its FXNOW app, currently available for iOS, Xbox One, Windows 8, and on the web.

Mashable also reports that FXNOW is planning to launch additional apps for Android, Xbox 360, Roku, and Samsung this spring.

FXX acquired the rights to The Simpsons from Fox in November in "one of the biggest deals of its kind," allowing the network to stream the show's first twenty-four seasons.

The free app, which delivers content from FX, FXX, and FXM, follows the footsteps of similar network applications such as HBOGO, Showtime Anytime, and Watch ABC by streaming content anywhere to paid subscribers. FX originals, including Sons of Anarchy, Archer, and American Horror Story: Coven will be available on the app. FXX originals include It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Wilfred, among others. The Hollywood Reporter also noted that 165 film titles will be available this year, with 200 more expected in 2015.

Although reruns of the show can be easily caught on television, and the Internet is nothing short of an open box of (illegally) streamed content, this is the first time The Simpsons will be legally streamed in its twenty-five years.

FX app will stream The Simpsons starting in August

With the popularity of the franchise, including comic books, video games, a movie, and even a ride in Universal Studios, the only surprise is that the show hasn't been streamed until now. Previously, the popular Comedy Central series South Park was streamed on Netflix, but all seventeen seasons now have been removed.

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