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Week in Geek: January 29th, 2014

Posted by Jeff Penner Wednesday, January 29, 2014
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Nerdy current events in geek culture for this week


No Godzilla or Guardians of the Galaxy trailers at the Super Bowl.

My take: This is surprising—we are getting trailers for movies we've seen plenty of footage of already (Captain America: the Winter Soldier, for example), but nothing from these two films people are itching for. I would call it a misstep in marketing, because we Fanboys and -girls do have a limit when it comes to patience. I don't want to feel animosity toward GotG especially, so I hope they at minimum release the San Diego Comic Con footage from last year.

I, Frankenstein bombs at the box office.

My take: No sh**. That trailer looked straight out of Keanu Reeves's Constantine. I didn't mind that film at the time…at the time…

X-Men Days of Future Past Instagram

My take: A trailer was announced for January 27th via the ever popular "social media"; they surely hoped the news would go "viral," and they'd have a "real hit on their hands." Sorry, I'm just getting tired of Internet marketing jargon. I want this film to be so good so bad. I wasn't a huge fan of First Class, which apparently has me in the minority.


PS1 and PS2 games heading to PS4 emulation.

My take: This is going to be a gold mine, and such an obvious one. It's about time it was announced, and I'm sure Xbox will follow suit. Finally, I can play Jet Moto again! The only problem is that I still have all these old discs I would rather use!

Cover artist Greg Martin died.

My take: It's the artist's way to only be appreciated once they've passed. A sad reality, but hopefully he knows we look back on his works with awe and nostalgia.

Microsoft goes all-in and buys Gears of War franchise from Epic Games.

My take: Gears is my favorite, ever, of all time, video game series. They insist they will keep the Unreal Engine (which gives the series its unique gameplay), so they better damn well not mess this up. I played Batman: Arkham Origins and could immediately tell "something" was missing after the game changed studios. Microsoft, do not mess this up.


Peter Capaldi's 14th Doctor costume revealed.

My take: Uhhhhhh…Ya! Approved! Looks good to me!

24 returns on May 5th, 2014

My take: Can't wait to see the "Jack Sack" comeback! This series has a lot to make up for. After smartening up and getting his daughter out of the way after the first few ridiculous seasons (seriously, a bear trap?), the show went to become a joke all over again. The Simpsons did a great 24 spoof once that turned out to be eerily too similar to the show. The plots kept getting bigger while character reactions to world-changing events got smaller. Realism was this show's strongest suit at one point, and they need to watch the clock (literally) and make this return mean it. They're running out of time!


Diamond Comics GEM awards handed out.

My take: It was nice to see studios like BOOM! getting credit deserved. The more people the mainstream DC/Marvel comics attract, the more people will find their way to great writing eventually.


Man removed from movies for wearing Google Glass

My take: This is the beginning of Skynet. A woman recently won a court case regarding driving while wearing Glass. New laws are going to start popping up because the government wants to watch you without allowing you to watch everything else.

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