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Wally West to Return in The Flash Annual #3

Posted by Jeff Penner Tuesday, January 14, 2014
One of the many changes to DC's New 52 Universe was the absence of several beloved characters. One of the top names on fans' lips since day one has been Wally West.

Arrow spin-off with Barry Allen

For the three of you who just started reading DC post-Flashpoint, Wally West was The Flash in the DC Universe from 1987 to 2011. During that seemingly short time, he gave the series a shot in the arm after decades of the straight-laced Barry Allen, who died during a universal crisis. Wally had allies from The Teen Titans, he had youthful ignorance, and readers got to watch him grow into a role of which he never felt worthy.

The Flash spin-off from Arrow
The Flash Annual #3 cover

A story from USAToday covering The Flash character has let the cat out of the bag that Wally West will finally be making his highly requested return to the comics pages (see him again in April 30th's The Flash Annual #3). However, several characters have appeared in The New 52 with drastic character design changes. The new Lobo, for example, took the rough and tough, built-like-a-truck "main man" and turned him into a skinny emo boy. The Golden Age Green Lantern, Alan Scott, was famously featured on Earth 2 as a gay philanthropist. Will Wally return as his former self or will DC capitalize on his return with a major twist? Often, changes can be welcome, Alan Scott's development was greeted with open arms. Over in Marvel, Flash Thompson losing his legs in battle was a drastic retcon that has some interesting, lasting effects in his fight as Venom.

Robert Venditti and Van Jensen will co-write The Flash with art by Brett Booth starting with The Flash #30 on April 23, 2014. They are replacing the long-standing Flash team of Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato, who began the series from #1.

DC New 52 Justice League War
Full cover, The Flash #30
Personally, I'm on Team Wally. I started reading comic books in 1989 and followed Wally through his career all the way to The New 52. I can't wait to check out his return. It will be the first DC book I've picked up since issues #12 all came out and I dropped DC altogether for the first time since I first started out.

I can't imagine anyone is TRULY on Team Barry…unless…are you? Discuss below!

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